Bon Jour Matchmaking’s Mission Statement

For the past 31 years (since 1989) my goal has always been to provide a full service matchmaking experience for each and every client.  To assist clients in avoiding ruts, bad habits, poor choices and mistakes I myself have made.  I am very interactive with each client with lots of suggestions and coaching if needed.  To work only with clients who fit what my clientele is searching for and who have similar backgrounds, education, hobbies, morals, values, talents and lifestyles.  To extend an open-ended contract to each and every client so they have the time to meet the right person for them.  And last, but not least, to do all of this with a one-time investment fee that is designed specifically for each person.

Many well meaning friends and relatives call for people who they feel need assistance. Please do not do that. I need to qualify each potential client before spending your time going into long explanations. Ultimately I will have to talk with that person directly anyway and I have to wonder why they themselves are not calling me. It’s best to leave contact up to that person.

NOTE: 8/4/19

Let me make this perfectly clear…if you contact me for Bon Jour as a potential client know that I interview EVERY one of my clients and know their criteria, preferences and flexibility. THAT is what YOU would want as a client, NOT to have me pawn off people who don’t fit what you’ve set forth you are looking for. So if I decline to work with you based on MY CLIENTS’ CRITERIA try saying “Thank You for not lying to me or screwing me out of my money”. THAT is the appropriate response! NOT nasty emails like I received this morning when I was VERY responsive to someone who is out of the location area my clients are open to and prefer. I was HONEST…I know that’s a lost concept but try thanking me! You can be sure the other services will take your money whether they can help you or not!

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