The most important factors to me in increasing my clientele are reasonable fees, a high quality clientele and safety, both for my clients and myself.  When you join a service that does lots of advertising causing lots of overhead they have to support, they are less apt to turn down any potential client who brings revenue.  Consequently their services become watered down with less desirable clients who may not be good matches for you.

Many new clients are referred by the huge number of couples who have married through Bon Jour Matchmaking over these 33 years.  More and more of the clientele is made up of these referrals.  As what happened recently, people contact me and say a friend of a friend used my service and recommended me.  Consequently, I don’t get to find out who the referrer was…

Also, I target potential clients for the service in general as well as for specific clients in particular.  I have represented several local celebrities over the years when targeting them for specific clients as well as those celebrities who have contacted me independently.  The WIN/WIN policy has also brought in new clients.

Clients find Bon Jour Matchmaking Service through every type of social media including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Many clients find Bon Jour Matchmaking through Yelp, Kudzu, Google, Yahoo and Bing along with the Denver BBB. Also, through interviews with Westword Online and Colorado Public Radio on which I was a featured guest this year.  Also many other radio interviews which you may see on Media Center.

Although I do not attend singles functions to try to gather new clients, whenever I am out anywhere, i.e., doctor’s appointments, dentist, hairdresser, grocery store, etc. I have my eyes open for singles who may fit for the service in general and for various clients specifically.  If I see someone who appears to fit in, I chat with them to see if they are a fit and they would have to become a client so that I would have the abundance of information on them as on all the other clients.  After all, you are paying to see lots of info and pictures to evaluate whether you have an interest in each person.  Also, I do a background check on all clients.  An example of this is one of the last couples who married…the male was referred by a mutual friend and the female I hand-picked at a Pilates class…they both became clients.  I do not do what several other local services do which is grab people off the street who I know nothing about, consequently their clients know nothing about them and set them up with paying clients.

Additionally, many new clients find Bon Jour through Google, Yahoo and Bing searches.  The service comes up predominantly in search results and drives potential clients to the website.

I have always been more interested in quality over quantity which includes matching so selectively that, as with almost all of the past marriages, you MAY marry (or couple) with the first or second person you meet!


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