Your one-time investment in this open-ended contract is evaluated based on the following.  The investment fee is a range and is reached by the information supplied below.  Be sure to disclose any of this information that applies to you as it MAY LOWER your investment fee during your FREE phone consultation.  Do not wait until you are in the middle of your interview to share this as it will not change at that time:

  • The location where you live;
  • Whether you’ve been vaccinated/boosted (many of my clients will not consider meeting anyone who is not vax/boosted);
  • Your age: Women 27-60  Men 30-65;
  • The age range you wish to meet;
  • How many times you’ve been married;
  • Whether you’ve ever been married;
  • For men…your height (5’7″+);
  • For women…your size (Size 10 or under);
  • Tattoos (do not accept people with body or sleeve tattoos);
  • How many pets you have;
  • The specific criteria you set forth;
  • Whether you are a smoker;
  • Whether you have a disability or challenge of some kind;
  • In some cases whether you will date someone with children:
  • Whether you wish to have children and;
  • Whether you have children and how many children you have.

Most of this information is disclosed during your FREE telephone consultation at which time you will receive a quote for your personal investment fee.


Bon Jour Matchmaking Service is a REAL matchmaking service, not a dating service calling itself a “matchmaking” service!

You probably can tell that from the rest of this site and immense amount of information contained in it. I have 2 contracts that every client signs.

One is your contract stipulating your fee, what you should expect from me and what I need from you.

The other is a Behavioral Contract. Most of my clients have had bad experiences on internet dating sites and dating apps where people do not follow through. I do not want that to happen in here. It is most important to me that clients treat each other with courtesy and respect.

The way I judge whether someone will be a good client to work with is BEFORE you become a client. If you say you will do something and don’t follow through…bad sign. If you do not respond to my emails…bad sign. And several other things that I see how you respond or don’t PRIOR to becoming a client.

I just had someone schedule an interview. He was supposed to send his pictures, according to him, by a certain day. No pictures, no email, no reason why. I followed up with an email…he didn’t respond. I waited several days and sent another email…he didn’t respond. And so on, then finally a week later leaving me a voicemail and not following through on what he said in the message. I called him this morning and cancelled the interview. He said he didn’t think it mattered because he’s not a signed client yet…oh, but it does! That’s a big way I judge what kind of client you’ll be both with me and my clientele!

I may be contacting you because someone is interested. If you don’t respond or in a timely manner, they will be turned off and they will lose interest. It’s not only responding to me but how you will treat someone I set you up with. Will you follow through on what you tell them?

My goal is your success minus the usual frustration whenever possible!


Somehow I missed this when it was posted…

BM Jun 19, 2018

I used Caliber Match’s services about 4 years ago and it was absolutely the worst experience customer service wise that I have ever had, business or personal. Emily Hellman is the owner and I can say she flat out lied to me to get me to sign a contract, but once under contract I called her out asking when things aren’t going the way she explained in my consultation meeting and she started to ignore me and only give partial answers to my questions. Basically she held me to the terms of the contract even though she didn’t follow the contract herself. My attorney told me on one hand, her lies are the only reason I signed the contract to begin with (I agree, hence why I went to him), but on the other hand, the contract is “proof” in her favor and judges like things in writing. So legal pursuit unfortunately, the risk outweighed the reward in trying to win in court for a refund.

Good to see not just a customer, but another matchmaker turned her away. Since I am 100% comfortable calling her a liar, I will say she is a borderline scam artist, while doing it in a “legal” way (i.e. getting people to sign a contract).


When you call for your FREE phone consultation you may ask how many people you will meet.  First of all that is primarily up to you.  When I show you profiles at the time of your interview if you do not select anyone that is your prerogative.  If once you are on file as a client you turn down every one who wants to meet you then, again, that is up to you.

I have no way of knowing how many people you will meet and my goal is not to set you up with everyone in town.  This is matchmaking.  The phone consultation does not go into the detailed depth that the interview does so by the time I know your background and all of your criteria and preferences at the interview the number of prospective matches obviously will go down.  This is matchmaking, the information has to fit on both sides to make a match.

Most people choose to meet one person at a time, however, again that is up to each individual.  You are NOT buying a “package of dates” like in most Denver matchmaking services, so however many people seem to fit and appeal to you over time you are welcome to choose.  Then it is up to each of them whether they are interested.  But there is no limit to how many people you meet.  Other than MY goal which is to hit “the one” with as few matches as possible.

The fact is you only need ONE…the right ONE.  My goal is and has always been to set you up with only the most appropriate people so that you may achieve your goal sooner than later and with as little stress as possible.


Recently I’ve had the experience with several new clients when they initially called asking what an “open-ended contract” meant.  Other Denver matchmaking services may refer to it as a “Lifetime Contract” or a “Platinum Package” and charge you a lot extra to have that benefit.  EVERY client of Bon Jour has an open-ended contract!  That’s the way it should be if you are a REAL matchmaker.  You never know when that right person will appear, and you want to be there when they do!  The longest so far that I’ve worked with a client is 11 years and she DID get married in that 11th year to a man who became a widower the year before and joined my service after that…see, you never know when…

My feeling is that calling it a Lifetime Contract or package is kind of depressing.  Also that is not what I mean by open-ended.  What I mean is that you are a client until…until you meet the right person and feel that you’ve accomplished your goal whether it be marriage or a lifetime partner.  It does not mean that once you’ve left the service for whatever reason you can just come back.  If you tell me to “drop your file” that will END the contract.  If you wish to come back in then you would have to start from the beginning.  I would have to re-interview you, etc.

What I’ve been told makes people suspicious is what I referenced above.  Other Denver matchmaking services charge so much more, if they even offer that option at all.  Every client in Bon Jour Matchmaking Service receives this contract.  As I’ve said throughout this site, I cannot promise that the day you join the perfect person will be here waiting for you.  They might be but I have no way of knowing that.  So you need to have the time for that “right” person to join the service and we don’t know when that will be.  But you surely want to be here when they do.

Services that offer limited contracts do not give you the time for that right person to present themselves.  They are most interested in trying to re-sign you again to make another fee.  In Bon Jour you only pay the filing fee once, at the time of your initial interview.  That’s it, you’re in until marriage, moving out-of-state or death do us part…

I hope that clarifies what I mean by open-ended contract.


 NOTE:  If your mentality is that it’s a numbers game and you wish to meet someone every week…this is NOT the service for you.  This is a MATCHMAKING service NOT a dating service.  It is VERY specific in introducing you ONLY to people who fit your criteria and preferences, and of course, you fit theirs.  THAT is why it is so successful!

To understand my overall structure please read the HOME PAGE for an overview.  Just click on the link to go to that Page or Post.  Also you may wish to read WHAT AM I PAYING FOR AT BON JOUR MATCHMAKING SERVICE If you are married or separated please do not call me as my clients are only interested in people who are currently available for a long term relationship and/or marriage.

Be sure to read the lists of What Effects Your Investment Fee in Bon Jour.  Any one or more of those listed may bring DOWN your fee!

One of the biggest differences about Bon Jour Matchmaking from any other service is the Win/Win Policy.  Click on the link to go to that information.

It might interest you why I turn down so many potential clients.  I think this makes a lot of sense on both sides of the equation.  In addition you may want to read WHY YOU MAY NOT BE THE RIGHT CLIENT FOR THIS DENVER MATCHMAKER.

Another Page you may want to read is WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THE INTERVIEW so there won’t be any surprises and you can view my home office. Yes, I have a private office in which I keep all my client profiles and where you can be candid and open when we meet, unlike services who interview you in public forums.  Check out  YOUR PICTURES FOR BON JOUR

The next Page you should view is POSTS TO READ BEFORE JOINING ANY DENVER MATCHMAKING SERVICE. That Page has an abundance of Posts for you to access with both general information about dating/matchmaking services as well as advice in a variety of areas, i.e., selecting services, matchmaking service fees, what turns men off, how to be a collaborative Bon Jour Matchmaking client, etc. Of course you do not have to read every Post listed on that Page, just the ones that interest you the most.

Another Post of interest may be What types of singles are the most successful when working with a Denver Matchmaker.  This information is based on knowing personally each and every client, their priorities, their preferences and their criteria.

Exciting New Policy

CLIENTS’ TESTIMONIALS is a Page you should read as those reviews of Bon Jour Matchmaking go all the way back to 1989.  I could not include all Testimonials I’ve received over the 33 years, however those should give you an idea of how clients feel about the structure and working with me.

For personal background information on me you should view the Page entitled ABOUT THIS PROFESSIONAL DENVER MATCHMAKING EXPERT. This will give you info on my volunteer work in the community, how old I was when I started the service, etc.

There are approximately 186+ Posts on Michele’s Blog all of which give you an insight into the clientele, my work ethic, the structure of the service and more.  Also, the Pages on the right hand navigation will take you to important information. Once you feel you understand the service, for the most part and have questions, please phone me to chat. Especially phone me if you do not understand my philosophy or have questions about things you have read or perhaps missed reading. For my hours you may go to HOURS, LOCATIONS, FEES AND GIFT CERTIFICATES for specifics.

I hope this Post/Page helps you navigate the site more easily.  Call me to schedule your FREE phone consultation at 303-756-8106 


I receive many calls from singles wondering if I will consider working with them even though they do not fall within some of the stipulations presented on this website. Especially when it comes to age, they share how youthful they are, how they date people much, much younger, etc.

Specifically related to the age range on here at this time, it has nothing to do with a person’s marketability. It ONLY has to do with the number of clients available in the age range they fall. That’s it…nothing more, nothing less. Just like other categories, that changes as the clientele continues to grow and I adjust those specifications when that happens.

But I don’t just accept people to make money! If I can’t reasonably match them for one reason or another and I know that in advance, I do not work with them.

That is exactly why this is my 33rd year in the matchmaking profession!


Every week I receive calls from singles who have used or spoken to other local Denver matchmaking services. What shocks me every time is the few questions these people ask the other services. Maybe because I conduct at least a 1 hour preliminary phone consultation they think of more questions to ask me…I don’t know. But these are the types of questions you should ask when looking for a Denver matchmaker.

  1. Does the person who will be matchmaking me know ALL of the clients?
  2. How long have you been in business?
  3. How many marriages have you had?
  4. Where is the interview conducted? In a quiet, private place or at a coffee shop or hotel?
  5. Are you matching me with YOUR clientele or with other local matchmakers? Have you interviewed and met those clients if they are not yours?
  6. Have they interviewed and met with every client?
  7. What are the different contract lengths?
  8. Do I get to view a profile of each client?
  9. Are there pictures of each client that I view?
  10. Who makes the decision on who I meet…the matchmaker and/or me?
  11. Do you vett the people I will be meeting or just grab singles where you can find them to match with me?
  12. Do you do a background check?
  13. Do you share the background check with me…even generally?
  14. Is this truly a matchmaking service or a dating service?
  15. IF it’s matchmaking why am I buying a “package of dates”?
  16. Is there coaching to help me succeed with my matches?

So I will answer all those questions for you in Bon Jour Matchmaking Service:

I meet with each client in-person and interview every client.

I have been in business for 33 years.

I have had more than 300 marriages during that time.

I NEVER call other local services to use their clientele who I’ve never met. You are ONLY matched with MY clientele.

Every client has an open ended contract.

Clients view a 6 page profile of every client.

Each client has a minimum of 6 pictures which are shared with perspective matches.

We collaboratively decide who are the best matches but ultimately the client has the last word.

Clients are ONLY matched with other clients having their profile, pictures and having done a background check on each. All clients are vetted both for my safety and that of the clients.

Yes, background checks are done on every single who calls me for the service whether they become a client or not and no expense to the clients.

I do not specifically “share” the background check other than anything interesting. If there is something negative I may not accept them as a client.

This is an old fashioned matchmaking service.

There are no packages of anything, this is matchmaking. You may meet as many or few people as you are interested in who feel the same. But my goal is to hit the perfect match with the first or second introduction. There is as much coaching as you need to help you succeed. What’s the point of introducing you to people and then having you make the same mistakes you’ve always made?


For 33 years Bon Jour Matchmaking has always shared pictures of clients along with the 6-page profile to prospective matches. I have always felt that the more information you have to make the decision of your interest level, the better…to a point. Stopping short of getting into sexual, health or financial information.

And consistently, for 33 years, clients get more anxious about their pictures than anything else. My motto at Bon Jour is “this isn’t the internet or apps”. The pictures have to present you as you are at that point in time (and updated when changes occur), be snapshots and be a minimum of 6 pictures. Enough to allow a prospect to see different styles and personality to assist in their decision.

Soooo, even professional models take hundreds of pictures to get just a very few of the best. It’s THAT simple. Take lots of pictures and send me the best ones.

I always share with new matchmaking clients some examples of current clients who have pictures that have good feedback and success so that they know exactly the types of pictures that will benefit them.

For the most part it’s one time endeavor at the beginning of our partnership with updates as things change. It’s NO BIG DEAL…


In 2021 I hired a guy (maybe a Denver CPA, now I’m not sure) to do my annual taxes. I noticed from the very first call that something was off with him but was trying not to be too judgey and give him a chance. Initially he appeared to be responsive both through emails and phone calls.

His office is in his very small, old, quite unkept apartment off of Colfax. I noticed that the lock on the door was very flimsy, your typical apartment lock and became more and more concerned about security. He has a huge conference table in the livingroom which takes up most of the room. Everyone’s personal papers were sitting out all over the room. The whole scene made me uncomfortable but again I was trying not to be too judgey. I should have trusted my gut feeling about the whole deal. Once when I went there for a meeting he was basically in his undershorts and undershirt. It was summer and pretty hot…also his apartment is very hot in the summer in that crammed space.

Once tax season started he stopped returning emails, calls and texts. He had all of my information months in advance and the banking and investment tax records at least a month in advance of April 18th. I tried to reach him to find out whether he was filing my taxes on time, whether I owed money and whether I was getting a refund. That’s ALL I wanted to know. He would not respond! Finally 3 days before the 18th he called (he wouldn’t put it in writing because then I would have evidence) and said he was filing an extension and when I asked if I owed money he said, “probably not since I paid quarterly tax”. PROBABLY NOT???? 3 days before it’s due you don’t know for sure? You get a penalty charge if you don’t pay at the time of the extension!

There really was nothing I could do at that point. I tried repeatedly to get him to put in writing that he had filed an extension and that I didn’t owe anything and he wouldn’t. Finally he wrote in capitol letters that he filed an extension and called me a psycho! I have no proof either from him or the IRS that an extension was filed. Again, penalty fee for not filing an extension.

Greg Guarnero became extremely abusive. When I finally could get ahold of him, he would say he’s got 400 returns to do and he’s not returning calls or emails and that he’s up from 5am to midnight every day. Well, then he shouldn’t have accepted me as a client! My return is simple and should have been done way in advance, yet I’m quite sure he didn’t even file an extension. He started yelling at me and calling me names. He wrote to me calling me names.

I am writing this as a record in case this guy does something to my home, my confidential information or to me. This is my record as he is extremely unstable and pops off at the drop of a hat. The bottom line…TRUST YOUR GUT!

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