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I was recently asked what makes me a good matchmaker.  I took that question very seriously and gave it some thought before responding.  Looking back over 34 years of Denver matchmaking I don’t think it’s just the matching that is my strength or the strength of this Denver matchmaking service.

  • Giving all clients the time for their best match to present in the service by virtue of my open-ended contract has something to do with it;
  • Being a good listener;
  • Interviewing each and every client face-to-face;
  • The amount of information shared with each client contributes to making the best choices;
  • Not choosing for my clients, but deciding collaboratively their best matches;
  • Following the criteria and preferences set forth by each client and not wasting their time with people who don’t fit for them;
  • Allowing clients to meet as many people as they feel could be their best mate;
  • The reasonable…

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Bon Jour Matchmaking Service

This information was taken directly from the VIDA website in 2020(Those fees have probably increased since this posting):

THE DENVER DATING COMPANY:https://kdvr.com/news/local/denver-singles-site-had-barely-any-women-on-it-lawsuit-claims/embed/#?secret=MXVyUZsDwo

Just received a call from a woman who went in to do a consultation with them. She expressed that they were disorganized and lied about a number of things such as length of time in business stating they’ve been in business 22 years. So I went on the BBB site and they have anF ratingand have onlybeen in business ONE YEAR! Also on the BBB they listed the owner as Mrs. Owner so they won’t disclose who owns and operates that service. I’m surprised the BBB accepted that!DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER (OR ANY COMPANY). THEY DO NOT NEED IT TO DO A BACKGROUND CHECK!!!


Around$3,500 for 6 months,$8,400 for 12 months

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Bon Jour Matchmaking Service

As mentioned in previous posts I have a Behavioral Agreement that each client signs at the time of their interview.  The reason for this is two-fold.

The first reason for this Agreement is that clients are viewing or hearing a 6 page profile and viewing pictures.  If they get excited about meeting someone that excitement is only going to last, maybe, a couple of weeks.  After that it starts to wain, and they start thinking of other things and other people.  They lose interest.  So, to keep them excited the follow through needs to happen in a specific period of time.  If not, you run the risk of having them lose interest.

The second reason is feedback from clients who have used the Internet dating sites and local Denver matchmaking services that people just disappear with no explanation.  Or they don’t follow through on phone calls or making plans.  I…

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Bon Jour Matchmaking Service

This year I have had two women under forty withhold the most important information a client can give me…what’s that?  One told me that she had a baby when the baby was 5 months old during a call I happened to make to her.  So she went 9 months and then 5 months and who knows how much longer she would have gone without disclosing this while I was presenting her profile to possible matches.  I write regular mass emails to my clients and remind them to update me with any new information.  She never did so.

Today, after receiving a number of emails from another female client under forty over the past month, I received a new narrative she wrote for her profile and a couple of updated photos.  I looked at the photos first and she was holding a newborn baby.  I assumed it was a friend’s or…

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There are services, one in particular, that are branching off in many directions basically to make more money. These services cannot possibly be focusing on matchmaking their singles when they are branching out into other business ventures.

Also, singles, don’t confuse Denver matchmaking services with Denver dating services. There is a definite difference between the two. Click on the above link for an explanation.

The first thing a single should decide when considering hiring a professional is…are you looking for a dating service or a matchmaking service. When someone calls me and asks how many people they will meet a week or a month, I know instantly they are really looking for a dating service. That is NOT Bon Jour Matchmaking.

The goal of Bon Jour clients is marriage or a lifetime partner. They are not looking to “date” a ton of people, they have likely already done that either through dating apps or other local dating services.

If you go to the HOME page on this site, there are several links that will assist you in deciding whether Bon Jour Matchmaking is what you are looking for. I am focused on each and every client because matchmaking is what I’ve done for 34 years!


Bon Jour Matchmaking Service

Class action lawsuit claims It’s Just Lunch defrauded customers

Local matchmaker service faces legal action as many of its customers call It's Just Lunch a waste of money

By:Jennifer KovaleskiPosted at6:00 PM, Feb 15, 2021and last updated10:51 PM, Feb 15, 2021

DENVER — Elizabeth Young first saw ads for It’s Just Lunch in airplane magazines.

After not having luck with other online dating apps, Young, a 41-year-old school counselor, said she decided to write a check to It’s Just Lunch Denver. It cost Young $2,700 for a lifetime membership and then a fee of roughly $90 per month.

The dating service sells itself as an elite international matching service that has offices across the country, including in Denver.

“What they say is ‘It’s Just Lunch is the world’s No. 1 personal matchmaking service. It’s personal, it’s private, it’s convenient, it’s real.’ They just forgot it’s a scam,” said Young, while reading the company’s website.

She saw the purchase as a major investment with the promise of handpicked…

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I was contacted this week by a New York writer doing an article on “high end” matchmaking services. He wanted my take on several comments to him by some “high end” matchmakers.

He shared that one of the “matchmakers” said she has 2,000 women and only 30 men. Well, I knew right away what was going on there. She isn’t charging the women and she’s charging the men twice as much to make up for the lack of income from the women. There is a trend in that direction with some companies.

Then he shared that a “matchmaker” told him the women aren’t her clients since they don’t pay. She only considers the men her clients, since they were charged. I’m sure if you ask the women who signed up with her, they would “think” that she’s representing them. But, apparently, not true. She’s just collecting women to throw at her paying male clients. That exists here in Denver as well.

He mentioned “schools” that teach people how to be matchmakers. What do I think of those? I said they are a money-making gimmick. It’s not rocket science…you do your homework by studying various matchmaking services (and now there are hundreds) and decide which aspects of those appeal to you, fit your personality as a business owner and matchmaker and off you go. If you know anything about websites and SEOs that’s how you can start marketing. This concept of teaching has only been around for maybe 10 years? I started in 1989 and was the first solo, old-fashioned matchmaker. I had only 1 service to study that was impersonal and expensive and that was enough to start a 34-year career!

Also, I tried to hammer home the point that singles need to be good consumers. If you are looking for a matchmaking service and the title of the service has the word dating…it’s NOT a matchmaking service, it’s a dating service!

He asked if I felt that those “high end” services were giving my profession a bad name…YES!


Bon Jour Matchmaking Service

Most other Denver matchmakers accumulate singles into what they refer to as their “data base”. They may not even charge to do that if they feel that assisting you is a long shot. It’s more to be able to tell prospective paying clients how many people they represent (but they leave out that many of those haven’t made a financial commitment).

These services do not have enough clients so they use this to prop up their meager clientele. I guess it’s worth doing if there is no charge. They generally do not do an extensive interview on you or the others, don’t present you with a profile or pictures…and really isn’t that what you are there for? To find out more about these individuals in depth unlike the apps and dating sites?

Also, when judging whether to join a service, ask, what’s different about your service that I can’t get…

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Because these terms are used interchangeably, most people don’t realize there is a significant difference between dating and matchmaking services.

The most obvious is…if the name says “dating” then it IS a dating service. What that means is they sell you a package of DATES at an exorbitant fee for a limited period of time. You are not shown profiles or pictures and THEY make the decision who you meet. Now think about it…they don’t know you, don’t know your taste…how can they possibly set you up with an appropriate match, unless it’s dumb luck or fate. Read the reviews of this structure of service, that’s what they say repeatedly. They were not introduced to people who fit what they specified in the interview.

Dating services like to use the term MATCHMAKER(S) to appeal to serious minded singles EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE JUST DATING SERVICES.

A real MATCHMAKER gives you an open-ended contract as there is no way to know when the “right” person will come in. They may be there when you interview, but if not, at least you have the gift of time to find the right person without being charged a new “sign up” fee. A real MATCHMAKER has an extensive profile on each client and several pictures to share with each potential match. Client and Matchmaker work together to choose who are the best and most appropriate matches. Matchmaker has interviewed every client, in-person and has a track record of marriages as well as years in business.

Bon Jour Matchmaking Service has been in business since 1989 with over 300 marriages!

So, there you have it…be careful, consider all options and select which structure fits the best for you personally.


Bon Jour Matchmaking Service

Let’s start with the men:

Men are very visual and want a woman who is fit and healthy, has an interesting style and he will be proud to introduce to friends, family and co-workers.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to find men in Denver who dress well????  They are few and far between.  The best way to make a great first impression on a woman is to give your attire as much thought as women do before meeting you.  Especially in Denver where everyone is overly casual.  There is casual stylish and neat and there is casual sloppy.   Women are just as visual as men.  If you have facial hair make sure it is cropped so if you are inspired to go in for the kiss it doesn’t scratch her and make her back up.  Wear deodorant and/or cologne, preferably both but at least one of…

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