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Fields believes the knowledge she’s gained over the past three decades give her a leg up on matchmaking rivals who connect clients to potential mates they’ve never met, websites that seem to have fees attached to every little thing, or phone apps “that are convenient, but you can fake pictures on them, or put on old pictures. They’re cheap, so a lot of people start with those, but there are pedophiles and rapists who use those things — they’re fantastic vehicles for that. And women are just too trusting. They’ll invite people to dinner at their house the first time, which is terrible. I don’t even let my clients do that, even though I do an informal background check on everyone. I don’t charge them for that, but I need to make sure that no one’s done anything egregious.”

Michael Roberts, Westword Magazine Online, 2019


…”There’s no video to make, no computerized questionnaire, no Friday night mixers. Fields gets to know her clients and what they’re looking for in a mate the old fashioned way; She asks lots of nosy questions.”

“Fields is a savvy business woman.”

1996, Rebecca Jones, The Rocky Mountain News


 …”Over the years, she has also gotten an education in singles psychology. Most (of her clients) are 40 to 70, solidly middle class and affluent.” “Fields is a stickler for clients showing each other respect.”

1995, Gary Soulsman, The News Journal


 …”Fields who singlehandedly owns and operates Bon Jour, Inc. donated the largest contribution to the Douglas County, no kill animal shelter it has received in recent memory that hasn’t been given upon someone’s death…”

1997, Amy Bounds, The Denver Post


“Denver matchmaker Michele Fields is looking for a few good men (in black).  Fields, owner of Bon Jour, Inc. and known as Michele the Matchmaker, is sponsoring a contest to find Denver’s Most Intriguing Men in Black.”  …Fields got the idea of singling out Denver’s five bachelor MIB after watching the newly released hit comedy…

1996, Norm Clark,  The Rocky Mountain News


 …”Fields always talks to her clients after a date to see how it went. She doesn’t like it when either men or women aren’t responsive or responsible. People can be jerks for free.”

2000, Kathleen Bohland, Colorado Biz Magazine


…”Clients, shy about acknowledging that they use a dating service, nonetheless say Fields’ success is linked to her personal touch and to the screening process she uses when selecting clients.”

1998, Jerd Smith, The Rocky Mountain News


 …”Fields turns down prospective clients that don’t fit with her clients’ background, education or age. This selectivity ensures that she has a quality pool of singles from which clients can choose. She also won’t tolerate dishonesty or rudeness toward any of her clients.”

1999, Patrick Lane, The Cherry Creek Times


“… Michele “The Matchmaker” Fields has been doing the Denver fix-up since 1989 at Bon Jour Matchmaking Service. She sounds like she’s through with love for herself but ready to help you find that special someone…She claims more than 300 marriages to her credit.”

Bill Husted, The Denver Post


“If you think matchmakers are outmoded in the age of dating websites, think again. Michele Fields of Bon Jour Matchmaking Service is marking her 25th year of bringing people together the old-fashioned way.

We asked Fields to offer some advice for those looking to find that perfect someone, and she came through with the following photo-illustrated list, which she entitles, “Ten Trade-offs to Capture the Love You Seek.” Count down her tips below, and click here to visit her website.”

Michael Roberts, Westword Magazine Online


“Among Fields’s clients over the years have been a number of well-known personalities in business, sports and media, as well as innumerable business powerhouses — and at this point, she knows what they like.”

Michael Roberts, Westword Magazine Online



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