Service Structures

4. Are there dating service structures, i.e. parties, adventures, dinners or paying for a certain amount of dates that I should be leary of? In other words, are some structures better than others?

Yes, some structures are better for you personally than others.  If you are a very visual individual, do NOT let a service convince you that it is too superficial to have photos to see! You will be disappointed and angry if you join a service with no photos and allow the service to select your type based on one interview. If you are visual, join a service with photos or videos, or one with mixers so you choose who you are attracted to.

If a service charges a flat fee for a certain number of dates they are only contractually obligated to set you up on that number of dates and will TOTALLY disregard your preferences and requests. I have had a lot of feedback from clients with regard to these services.  Their fees are upwards of $3,500+ for six (6) dates.  Do you know any people worth $550+ for a cup of coffee or even dinner on a first meeting?

If a service convinces you that they understand what you are looking for and they will send you information on the person THEY select for you be careful. YOU must have the final word on anyone you are being set up with based on lots of information, at least, if not also photos. Many Denver singles have complained about services disregarding their preferences and throwing them together with anyone just to meet the contract.

DO NOT LET ANY SERVICE CONVINCE YOU OF SOMETHING THAT IS NOT IN LINE WITH YOUR OWN FEELINGS. If you want to see photos, only join a service where you can see current pictures, etc. If you are shy, do not let them convince you that a social club or parties are good for you. If you know you are not comfortable in that scenario, DO NOT join that service.  Select a service that honors your agenda, comfort level and investment.  You may only have so much income to allot to this endeavor, so choose carefully.  Read their websites, call them and ask lots of questions.  Make sure they are working for you, not that you are just paying their overhead!

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