CALL ME…This is NOT a “sales” call, merely an exchange of information.

When Choosing a Matchmaking Service Consider:

1.    Why haven’t I ever used a local dating/matchmaking service?

2.    What has turned me off about local services that I’ve either investigated or joined?

3.    What does Bon Jour Matchmaking do differently?

4.    What is my goal in using a personal matchmaker?

5.    What is the difference between Internet dating services and local services?

6.    What am I afraid of?

7.    Am I judging services by the success or lack of success of a friend?

8.    Why has Bon Jour Matchmaking been so successful?

9.    Which is more important to me…a glitzy website promoting a group of “matchmakers” or a meat and potatoes website representing a Matchmaker with years of experience?

10.    What am I paying for…a fancy office and staff or years of experience dealing directly with one Matchmaker who knows all of her clients?

11.    Why am I afraid to pick up the phone and call a local service?  What’s the worst that can happen if I call?

12.    Do I think that a dating/matchmaking service will cure all problems I have with dating?

13.    What do I expect from a service, am I being realistic?

14.   Do I want to meet lots of people (who may not fit my criteria) so that I feel it is money well spent, or am I really seeking a mate, not a date for this investment?

15.   Do I have the patience and faith to give a real matchmaker time to achieve my romantic life goal?

16.    Why would services charging thousands of dollars interview clients at Starbucks or other public venues about such personal information?

17.    Why would I join a service that does not show me profiles of prospective matches with pictures?

After you’ve answered these questions (for yourself), let’s talk.  Phone me at 303-756-8106


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