Beware of New Services

3. If a service is brand new and has a great special going, is that a good time to join?

 BEWARE…as I mentioned in another question, there are many people who use a new dating service to make some quick money and then disappear. There are also individuals who have been in other fields and think running a dating service would be fun. With no experience they open a service, get some free publicity and they are off and running with your money. They may go out of business within a few months or even a year or two and then you are out of luck.

Sometimes the specials designed by a new service to attract you are to acquire a client base. Unless you can afford to lose the money or it is FREE, be careful. Many, many dating services do not succeed. Your best bet is a service that has been around for at least 10 years with a good track record that is running a special.

There are several Denver “matchmaking” services whose owner and employees have full time jobs and only do this on the side even though their fees are equal to other full time services.  If they never call you back during the day or return emails during the day, they more than likely are working full time somewhere else.  That’s not what you’re paying for…

So a good question to ask when you call Denver matchmakers is are you working as a matchmaker full time with no other job?

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