Michele is the only real matchmaker I found. Jon Labrum

Bon Jour is the only service that connects people who really want a relationship. Sloan D.

I had confidence in the level of detail on the website. Michele Fields is no nonsense and direct and she has a serious and sincere clientele. Matt E.

Open ended contract, fair investment, lots of information. Justin B.

After speaking with Michele I felt confident that she was skilled at her profession. Dr. D

She seemed more sincere. Not a money mill! Brad K.

The personal attention. With It’s Just Lunch I felt as if they didn’t even look at my profile. Daren, Esq.

The reviews and Michele’s interaction with the clients. Patrick A.

I think Michele works hard to find someone who is a good fit. Dave A.

I was impressed with the length of time that Michele has spent in business in the Denver area-it’s clear that this is her calling. I also thought that the open-ended contract was unique and shows that she’s really committed to finding the right match for people, not just limiting your matches to who is immediately available. Taylor H.

I was impressed by Michele’s personalized and localized approach. I appreciate that she meets with each and every one of her clients. Kate D., Phd

I want to find someone to share my life with and appreciate the hands on, personal approach. Julie C.

Because it feels very personalized and isn’t a sales pitch to take your money. Nicole B.


Bon Jour Matchmaking Service

99.9% of my clients understand that our relationship is a collaboration.  They have chosen to work with Bon Jour Matchmaking Service because they trust in my personal relationships with all of my clients and my extensive years of experience in Denver matchmaking.

If you choose to become a client I would hope that you strongly appreciate my judgment as to whether your photos will be successful as well as your Personal Narrative.  How do I know?  Because I am either sitting with a client as they view your profile or I read it to them over the phone and receive their feedback.  So I am not guessing how they respond, I know.

I am invested in your experience in Bon Jour Matchmaking being a success and would hope and require that you are equally invested.  So, rather than disagreeing with me when I make a suggestion or give you…

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Bon Jour Matchmaking Service

Haven’t you always wished you could go back and ask people you’ve dated why they stopped seeing you?  Have you sat by the phone, not literally but mentally, waiting for a call that never came?  Haven’t you ever gone on a first date and had a great time, great chemistry and lots of interest and felt that the other person did also but you never heard back from them?

Along with all of the other services and perks you receive as a client of Bon Jour Matchmaking Service, as your hands-on Denver Matchmaker I will share with you feedback from your matches.  Not only things that may have turned them off or on, but also whether they are interested enough to call you back…so no more waiting for a phone call that will never come!  You may have dating patterns that are sabotaging potential great relationships but how will…

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“Michele, You’re Not Much of a Salesman”, said a Caller to Bon Jour Matchmaking Service

Bon Jour Matchmaking Service

A few weeks ago a gentleman called asking about my matchmaking services.  As I always do I first asked whether he had any questions from the website that he’d read, then I asked whether he had used any local services prior to this.  He went on and on about a certain local matchmaking service and how she, according to him, doesn’t know how to do business.  My reply was, “She knows exactly what she’s doing…”.

I proceeded to clarify the differences between our two services as well as explain how Bon Jour works.  His response was the above, “you’re not much of a salesman.”  I replied, I’m not a salesman, I’m a Matchmaker!  When you call me after you’ve viewed my website or after someone referred you the call is an informational call,  NOT a sales call.  We exchange information, ask each other questions and evaluate whether we are a…

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Bon Jour Matchmaking Service

I receive many calls from singles wondering if I will consider working with them even though they do not fall within some of the stipulations presented on this website. Especially when it comes to age, they share how youthful they are, how they date people much, much younger, etc.

Specifically related to the age range on here at this time, it has nothing to do with a person’s marketability. It ONLY has to do with the number of clients available in the age range they fall. That’s it…nothing more, nothing less. Just like other categories, that changes as the clientele continues to grow and I adjust those specifications when that happens.

But I don’t just accept people to make money! If I can’t reasonably match them for one reason or another and I know that in advance, I do not work with them.

That is exactly why this…

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Bon Jour Matchmaking Service

Bon Jour Matchmaking Service is a REAL matchmaking service, not a dating service calling itself a “matchmaking” service!

You probably can tell that from the rest of this site and immense amount of information contained in it. I have 2 contracts that every client signs.

One is your contract stipulating your fee, what you should expect from me and what I need from you.

The other is a Behavioral Contract. Most of my clients have had bad experiences on internet dating sites and dating apps where people do not follow through. I do not want that to happen in here. It is most important to me that clients treat each other with courtesy and respect.

The way I judge whether someone will be a good client to work with is BEFORE you become a client. If you say you will do something and don’t follow through…bad sign. If you…

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Bon Jour Matchmaking Service

Somehow I missed this when it was posted…

BMJun 19, 2018

I used Caliber Match’s services about 4 years ago and it was absolutely the worst experience customer service wise that I have ever had, business or personal. Emily Hellman is the owner and I can say she flat out lied to me to get me to sign a contract, but once under contract I called her out asking when things aren’t going the way she explained in my consultation meeting and she started to ignore me and only give partial answers to my questions. Basically she held me to the terms of the contract even though she didn’t follow the contract herself. My attorney told me on one hand, her lies are the only reason I signed the contract to begin with (I agree, hence why I went to him), but on the other hand, the contract is…

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Bon Jour Matchmaking Service

Over these many years since the creation of Bon Jour Matchmaking Service established in 1989 many well-meaning people have suggested that I go more high-tech.  The reason I have resisted is because I genuinely feel that there are some endeavors that are and should stay “old-fashioned”.  Of course I have incorporated aspects of current high-tech as I am writing a Post for my Blog on my website to post on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Some portion of my communication with clients is by e-mail and I send pictures of prospective matches through that venue.  But when it comes to interviewing clients to really get to know them there is nothing that takes the place of looking someone in the eye and asking follow-up questions.  Talking on the phone rather than always e-mailing or IM’ing to nurture a relationship between client and Matchmaker.

There is a trend amongst Denver Matchmakers to…

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Of primary concern is keeping my clients as safe as possible from scammers, liars, felons and criminals. When someone calls for my matchmaking service, at my expense, I conduct a background check on them. I look at all social media as well as use a paid service to conduct those.

How do I keep clients safe? If I find info that is inconsistent with what the person has told me and/or if I find concerning information in their background check, I decline to work with them. A couple of months ago two guys called for Bon Jour, I did background checks and found concerning information, so I declined to work with them. They actually totally understood…

A couple of things that should be noted…I can’t find out if that person is a jerk unfortunately. I recently had a guy call who said he was only going to give Denver 2 months to see if it works out. When going to his Facebook profile it showed lots of friends here and activities, so I don’t know what he’s talking about. Also, his background check showed that he’s moved many times throughout the country showing a lack of stability as well as a couple of other concerning things. I have also had several older men call and lie about their age looking to meet younger women. Don’t work with them either!

Another thing you can’t count on background checks for…just because it may show no criminal activity that may only mean they haven’t been caught yet. Serial offenders can only be serial if they haven’t been caught. So always be careful when dealing with new people.

That said, in the 34 years I’ve been practicing personal matchmaking I have never had an issue…probably because of all of the background checking that I do.


Open-ended contract…you are a client until…until you reach your goal;

One Matchmaker who knows ALL of her clients;

You are ONLY introduced to my clients who I’ve met personally, interviewed and who have had a background check;

34 years of experience in Colorado matchmaking;

300+ marriages;

Feedback both positive and negative to assist you;

Background checks at MY expense on every client;

Coaching to correct unproductive and unsuccessful dating patterns;

Extensive profiles with current photos for clients to view;

Collaborative effort between client and Matchmaker;

Clients decide who they are interested in meeting after I select appropriate profiles that fit on both sides;

VERY reasonable investment fee based on each individual client’s situation;

 Make your investment fee back if you get married, move or leave Bon Jour.

These are just the highlights.  Please read through this web site to gain more in-depth information.

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