I’ve written many Posts about what makes a good client but after my interaction this morning with a current client who is the perfect example of a poor client I’ve decided to explain.

Before you meet anyone in Bon Jour you have to have a good relationship with me.  I am your agent, coach, matchmaker and advocate.  If our relationship is not good than more than likely you may not achieve the success you desire.  We have to communicate clearly and as a client you MUST keep all information and pictures updated.

This morning it was like pulling teeth….first she writes that she is now available to meet people and there are no updates.  Then she writes she moved but no address.  Then she sends the address but with no zip code or specifics after prompting and I try to call her.  Her cell is no longer a working number…REALLY?????  So I write again asking for the correct number.  She sends that and then says she got a puppy.  Those are changes… then writes that she lost 8 lbs. but does not give me her current weight.  So I ask again, she still has not given me that.  These are obvious updates and should have been shared when they happened!  Come on…

Then I say I need current pictures reflecting her weight loss and she sends me old pictures from before the weight loss.  As of 4/11/19 she still has not sent me current pictures.  THIS IS NOT AN INTERNET DATING SITE OR A DATING APP.  Everything must be current and is in your best interest to be current!

Regarding pictures…one of the biggest benefits of Bon Jour Matchmaking is that I share pictures of all of my clients.  They have to be current and preferably taken specifically for this endeavor.  I don’t think that’s too much to ask when you are making both a financial and emotional investment with me.


I’m flattered that so many people decide to call me first when they are doing their due diligence researching “matchmaking” services.  Let me start by saying that they all call themselves “matchmaking” services when in reality they are merely DATING services.  DATING services sell packages of dates for a finite period of time then if you don’t meet “the one” they try to re-sign you. They have multiple “matchmakers” actually salespeople throwing their clients together with whomever so they meet the number on the contract.  None of the “matchmakers” knows every client in the service, only the handful that they brought in. Continue reading “QUESTIONS YOU SHOULD ASK A DENVER MATCHMAKING SERVICE BEFORE YOU JOIN”

Why Choose Bon Jour Matchmaking Service

People constantly ask me whether matchmaking is lucrative and how much money I make. They seem to want to judge this vocation by monetary success rather than what the basis of my chosen vocation is which is how many people working with me have reached their life goal of finding a mate. The reason I don’t charge the types of fees other “matchmakers” charge is because that is not what it is about for me. The success of my clients is the yard stick with which I measure my success! NOT everything is about money…this is not my “job”, it is my calling which has little to do with the superficiality of wealth accumulation. But rather the satisfaction of achieving an illusive life dream for my fellow human beings.

NOTE: If your mentality is that it’s a numbers game and you wish to meet someone every week…this is NOT the service for you.  This is a MATCHMAKING service NOT a dating service.  It is VERY specific in introducing you ONLY to people who fit your criteria and preferences, and of course, you fit theirs.  THAT is why it is so successful! Continue reading “Why Choose Bon Jour Matchmaking Service”


When I began my service in 1989 the only other service was Great Expectations.  As a single 33 year old I didn’t like the structure or philosophy of GE so I did the total opposite in my service.

Prospective clients call me every day and one of the main comments they make is that after reading through this website they selected to call me instead of other services because I’m authentic.  Such a really fantastic compliment.  I started being different and have remained that way through the Internet dating sites, franchise dating services and Denver dating services. Continue reading “THE BEST DENVER MATCHMAKER SINCE 1989!”


I am often contacted by people calling themselves matchmakers, usually from outside of Colorado, wanting me to set up THEIR clients with my clients.  I don’t know their clients, haven’t met or interviewed their client, don’t know the quality of their clients and don’t know them or their service.

SOME GENERAL ADVICE:  Do not join a service who does not SHOW you profiles WITH pictures and that THEY decide who you are going to meet rather than you deciding.  It should be a collaboration, not a dictatorship.  Or that sells you packages of dates.  I.e., 3 month contract for 3 matches.  THAT IS NOT MATCHMAKING!

MY clients hire me because I vet all clients and have for 30 years!  I don’t drag someone off the street or call other “matchmakers” to solicit people for them to meet knowing nothing about that person or that company.  Not having met and interviewed them or qualified them for my clientele. Continue reading “BEWARE OF FAKE MATCHMAKERS ONLY IN IT FOR THE MONEY”

Colorado veteran charged nearly $10,000 by dating service

I was sent this thread from a client who thought I might find it of interest…not knowing I’ve seen this type of thing before about this service.

Yet another investigation of this “dating service”.  Although the practices of Mile Hi Singles a/k/a Great Expectations make me sick, consumers need to be more diligent.  As I’ve said before many times on this website, you need to be a good consumer and ask a lot of questions, check reviews (which are horrible on this service), do not give out your credit card info ever actually.  If you can’t afford to write a check in full or pay cash then you can’t afford the service!  That holds true with any purchase but especially with dating services.

I have been professionally matchmaking in Denver for 30 years in January, if you have a question about a local service call me BEFORE joining and maybe I can give you some insight based on what my clients have said and people who call who have used those services told me.  Also just plain common sense things you should look for and be aware of.  303-756-8106


Many of my clients have no trouble meeting people, however they do have trouble sealing the deal.  Being an objective source to their actions I am in a perfect position to point out behavior that is undermining their success.

For example, texting has been around for at least 10 years but I strongly discourage clients from texting for the first two months.  My experience is that once that door is open it is used way too often.  Texting is not the way to cultivate a new relationship.  In all that time I have never had a client in a new match open by texting.  I specify in my instructions to CALL.  If you are not in a position to call i.e., being on vacation without phone access, then they should inform me and I will pass that along.  That is my role, to fill the gaps when they arise.  Just had a client text his new match.  Really foolish.  That is no way to introduce yourself to someone you’ve never met or spoken with.  This is the first time that has happened and hopefully the last.

This is an old fashioned matchmaking service and that is not just a slogan.  Everything done in Bon Jour Matchmaking is organic.  The only electronic actions are the website and emails.  I do not even text my clients.  We either talk or email or both.  That is a relationship, not texting.

People fall into comfortable habits when dating without giving it much thought.  One of my most important roles is to point out mistakes they make repeatedly based on feedback  from their matches and 30 years experience being the go-between for my clients.  I wish I had someone do that for me when I was dating!

Unlike your friends, I am not guessing what someone is thinking.  I ask and report back verbatim so there is no wondering, guessing or lamenting.  Really, does it get any better than that????


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Wow, where to start…

Because I meet with and interview every client in my service I can speculate that they have no criminal history (which I check prior to any interview), that they are sincere and serious about finding a mate, that they can afford the service (Hours, Locations and Fees) and that they are single.

No Internet Dating Site can claim any of the above.

The pictures that people post on those sites can be years old, the person only showing their head usually because they are a larger individual, people wearing hats in every picture usually because they are bald and other obscure pics.  In Bon Jour Matchmaking Service every client profile has a minimum of 6 snapshots that are CURRENT and represent honestly what that person looks like.  They are comprised of head shots and full length shots.

No Internet Dating Site can claim that.

For the most part men on Internet sites merely view the pictures and don’t bother to read the profile you so painstakingly wrote.  In Bon Jour I am either there in person when the client is reading your profile or on the phone reading the profile to them.  That way if a client reads into something incorrectly or jumps to inaccurate conclusions by something you wrote I am there to immediately correct those errors.  That is a vitally important concept in Bon Jour.  If someone reads into your profile incorrectly on the Internet Dating Sites they merely go on to the next person.  And that’s the end of that…not the case in Bon Jour.

No Internet Dating Site can claim that.

Early on in a new relationship there can be (and often are) miscommunications, misinterpretations and a lack of communication.  I am right there to correct those to give this fragile new relationship a fair shot.  Many, many of my married clients had those issues and I was there to catch the relationship before it fell through the cracks.

No Internet Dating Site can claim that.

That is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are so many more benefits to working with one matchmaker who has been matchmaking for almost 30 years!



I’m getting ready to celebrate my 30th anniversary practicing Denver matchmaking.  I don’t need any more practice I have it down LOL.  Some facts about Bon Jour Matchmaking Service:  (Please click on the blue print to go to Posts or Pages)

  • This is an old fashioned matchmaking service with ONE professional Denver matchmaker;
  • My goal is NOT to set you up on a million “dates”…but rather to zero in on what you are looking for in a prospective partner and hopefully find that person in one or two matches;
  • I strongly suggest NOT texting in the first two months you start dating…that is not the way to cultivate a new relationship;
  • I do a lot of coaching in hopes of avoiding the pitfalls that often happen early in a relationship;
  • Coaching is also to help clients avoid misunderstandings, miscommunications, lack of communication and jumping to inaccurate conclusions by something they’ve read;
  • At Bon Jour you receive as much information as I can share so that you may make an informed decision on who you would like to meet;
  • As a client YOU decide based on the profiles I share and my input who intrigues you and resonates with you to meet;
  • Clients do not view every profile.  As your agent I present your profile only when that person fits what you are looking for and vice versa;
  • Having an open ended contract helps to assure your success in Bon Jour.  It may not happen right away so this gives you the gift of time to find the right partner;
  • There is ONE investment fee at the time of the interview, then a per introduction fee when you are introduced to someone (on both sides).  So regardless of how long you are in the service there are no other fees!;
  • I am a hands-on matchmaker in all aspects of what you would consider a matchmaker to be;
  • I turn down more potential clients than I accept because all new clients must fit what the clientele is looking for.  I will not waste your time, money and emotion working with someone who is not a fit for my clients;
  • This service has pictures of each client along with their profiles so that you have as much information as possible when deciding who to meet;
  • Last but not least…I am looking for clients who make a commitment to Bon Jour.  Who keep their pictures and info up-to-date and work in collaboration with me.

So, if this fits for you please call me for your FREE PHONE CONSULTATION at 303-756-8106.



Positives of Internet Dating Sites

Convenience, Easy to Lie, Free or Lower Fees, Meet as many people as will meet you

Negatives of Internet Dating Services

Easy to Lie, People who are just playing around on the site, Old or fake pictures, People jumping to wrong conclusions about what you’ve written, Clients are not held accountable, No one there to correct misconceptions, No one to assist you in directing your search more accurately, No one to counsel you when people don’t respond to your winks, smiles or notes, No way to know whether people are felons because they may use fake names, No way to know whether they are married or seriously involved with someone already, No one to let you know why they disappeared, monthly fee…and the list goes on.

People often ask how many clients I have or how many are in their age range.  These are frequently people who have used Internet Dating Sites.  Well if you’ve used those and there are hundreds of people on them but you are still calling me then doesn’t that scream that it’s NOT a numbers game?  It’s not the amount of people…it’s about finding the right person.


One time investment fee, open-ended contract, current pictures of all clients, extensive profile taken by Matchmaker Michele personally of each client, clients are held accountable for their actions, people who are genuinely serious about marriage and/or a permanent relationship, counseling and coaching for each client, a matchmaker who knows every client and has interviewed every client, hands-on matchmaker available 7 days a week, clients who you know are not married or seriously involved, reasonable fee(s) (per introduction fee of $35 on both sides), direct feedback from the matchmaker about what your match thought and is thinking going forward if they have not been clear or communicative, a matchmaker with 29 years of experience, a matchmaker who ONLY accepts new clients who fit what her current clientele is looking for, ongoing support from your personal matchmaker.


Each client works solely and directly with Matchmaker Michele, there is a protocol in her service to make sure things run smoothly, you are required to tell the truth and update any information that changes including updating pictures, investment fee is required at the time of the interview in full, because Michele the Matchmaker is a REAL matchmaker and zeros in on the RIGHT match for each client clients need to have patience for however long the process takes in this open-ended contract.

The above are not necessarily negatives depending on your personal perception and opinions.



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