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I do not decide exclusively upon my own criteria whether we should work together. Primarily that has been decided by my current clients who have been very specific as to their preferences and criteria…just like you would be if you were a client. Bon Jour is the ONLY Denver matchmaking service that does not have ANY reviews stating the client was set up with people who did not fit their specified criteria. So, don’t take it personally and don’t blame the messenger (me) if I feel that we shouldn’t work together. Rather be grateful that I told you the truth and did not scam you out of your money!

Just to try and make things simpler, following is a list of traits that will tell you if you and Bon Jour Matchmaking Service are a good match which include both my perimeters and my clients’ criteria:

  1. You have read to…

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Bon Jour Matchmaking Service

I received a call from a gentleman the other week who explained that he had just spoken with a Denver dating coach/”matchmaker” who quoted him the following fees:

For a 6 month contract $7500

If he should marry someone she introduces him to she receives a $25,000 bonus

This is a person who has only been in this business a couple of years.  There is absolutely no reason to pay fees like that.  They are out of line in general and definitely out of line for Denver singles.  Just because you pay enormous fees doesn’t mean you will have any more success in that service.

It seems like Denver matchmakers are trying to out do each other with over-the-top fees.  This has nothing to do with the clients only how much money these people can make to top each other.

As the oldest Denver matchmaker (33+ years) and the most…

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Bon Jour Matchmaking Service

Something that my clients often thank me for which is not necessarily something I write a lot about is the quality of clients in Bon Jour.

I so often have to decline working with people who I perceive from our conversation and/or interaction are not invested enough, communicative and/or reliable.  Because many of my clients have used Internet dating sites and/or local Denver matchmaking services, MeetUps, lunch services or dinner gatherings and found people not to follow through or seem invested in finding a life long relationship, they truly appreciate my discretion in which singles really fit their goal.

I’m always grateful and somewhat surprised when a client thanks me for turning someone down.  This is what they expect of me…to filter only the most appropriate candidates for them to meet.

As I have said in previous posts, I start evaluating from our first interaction (whether it be phone or…

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Bon Jour Matchmaking Service

Like any business owner I periodically Google Denver matchmaking services to see what is going on in the Denver market.  Recently I’ve viewed two services that are only TWO years old that are charging more than I am after 25 years!  So I investigated further…are they offering services I’m not?  In actuality they are offering less services than I am.  In addition on their websites they cite the term “their Matchmakers” blah blah blah and I know for a fact that they are the only “matchmaker” at their companies.  I don’t know why they would lie right off the top on their websites about how many “matchmakers” they have.  I’ve always felt that it was a benefit to have one Matchmaker who knows all of the clients.  But of course that presumes that one is doing the act of matchmaking rather than selling packages of a certain number…

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  1. Bon Jour: One matchmaker who has interviewed EVERY client face-to-face/Local Services: Multiple “matchmakers” who only know the clients they’ve sold and have not met and interviewed all clients;
  2. Bon Jour: Every client is interviewed in the privacy of my office face-to-face/Local Services: Many of these do zoom interviews or have people fill out forms on the computer. Many interview in public places with no privacy;
  3. Bon Jour: Every client has a 6-page profile along with a minimum of 6 current pictures/Local Services: Client has no idea what their match looks like and never gets to view a full profile, if any profile, of their match;
  4. Bon Jour: Every client decides for themselves along with my input who they would like to meet/Local Services: THEY dictate who you meet, and you have no say. You are stuck with who they fix you up with;
  5. Bon Jour: In January this service will celebrate 34 years of professional matchmaking in Denver/Local Services: NONE are anywhere near this age with these many years of success and knowledge. Many are new start-ups and/or satellite offices from large franchises based in other cities;
  6. Bon Jour: Your FREE phone consultation lasts as long as necessary and is NOT a sales call, but merely an exchange of information. I do not continue to call and bug people to join the service. They need to be a willing and motivated client./Local Services: Many make you fill out a form online, many make you schedule an appointment to come in so they can give you the hard sell. Then continue to call again and again to solicit you as a client;
  7. Bon Jour: Every client has an open-ended contract at no extra fee. I have no idea when the perfect person will present themselves, so you want to be here when they do. It is one of the best qualities about this service./Local Services: They have multiple plans at multiple fees. The longer the contract the higher the fee. Then VIP contracts. It’s confusing and ridiculous;
  8. Bon Jour: One time investment fee regardless of how long a client is in the service. No monthly or annual fees. Merely a $35 per introduction fee upon meeting someone. I do a background check on every client for FREE/Local Service: They nickel and dime you to death. If they do a background check they will charge you, but you never see it, so you are taking their word for even doing one. They often charge monthly and/or annually because of their limited contracts;
  9. Bon Jour: Is not affiliated with any so-called licensing companies BECAUSE Bon Jour has been in business long before those companies existed, and they are just a gimmick to make money from independent matchmaking and dating services. They are meaningless.


Bon Jour Matchmaking Service

Because I encourage Denver singles to phone me to discuss the service and their individual goals people say the darnedest things! Some of the comments Denver singles have made that are ridiculous and maybe give a slight hint why they are still single are:

Your website is too feminine and I’m a marketing expert and don’t feel that you will attract enough men…the response to that is I’ve had more than 300 marriages and half of those were MEN! Giving single Denver men credit for having enough sense to go by content rather than appearance of a website that is a ridiculous comment. I receive more calls from men then from women.

I’ve met 100 women through anInternet dating service, it’s a numbers game...It’s only a numbers game if you make it one. Either he wasn’t too particular or he’s impossible to please and that’s why…

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Bon Jour Matchmaking Service

CALL ME…This is NOT a “sales” call, merely an exchange of information.

When you decide to become a client of Bon Jour Matchmaking you pay a one-time investment fee.What you are basically investing in is the invaluable time to work with me for as long as it may take to find the right person for you through the open-ended contract and coaching along the way.

There are no monthly or annual fees. No re-sign up fees due to myopen-ended contract. YourInvestment Feepays for the following:

  • It covers all the time spent before you become a client on advice and information in your phone consultation which could be more than one call before you decide to come in;
  • A Matchmaker who knows all of her clients personally and has interviewed each and every one;
  • 32 years of matchmaking experience!
  • An extensive background check (cost is mine)…

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You would think selecting people to meet or getting people to follow through on meetings might be the most difficult part of this business. Because of the Behavioral Agreement that every client signs these are not issues in Bon Jour Matchmaking Service.

Being the ONLY Denver matchmaking service that shares pictures of all clients, it is like pulling teeth to get new clients to get me pictures. No matter how much direction I give them, examples I send them…they ignore those and send me what they want, if they send them in a timely manner at all.

Some new clients have up to 3 or 4 weeks before their interview to get me their pictures, but they inevitably wait until the very last minute, and as stated above, often don’t follow instructions. After 33+ years of watching clients view profiles and pictures, I certainly know what types of pictures turn them on and turn them off.

If you decide to make an investment both financially and emotionally to work with me, then the picture aspect is very important. You only do it once, for the most part, unless something substantial in your appearance changes and then you would have to update.

But one of the BEST aspects of Bon Jour aside from the extensive profiles you view are the pictures! Make it fun! Take a couple of hours with a friend and take LOTS of pictures, then send me the best ones for me to choose which I think will work the best for you. It’s that simple.


Bon Jour Matchmaking Service

Hiring a matchmaking service is a lot like hiring a financial adviser to direct you in the stock market.  You invest your money hoping for a large return; you have patience because the market can go up and down and you are basically making an educated decision about this form of investment.  Likewise in a matchmaking service your investment is in the hopes that you will meet people who you’ve been searching for up to this point; you are directed by the matchmaker which candidates (like stocks) will give you the best return; it can take time to meet the most appropriate matches and they may be successful or not.  It’s an investment in the process.  Again, patience is key.  With my open-ended contract you have the best opportunity to meet the “right” person when they present themselves.

Bon Jour Matchmaking Service not only matches you with an abundance…

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Bon Jour Matchmaking Service

Every week I receive calls from singles who have used or spoken to other local Denver matchmaking services. What shocks me every time is the few questions these people ask the other services. Maybe because I conduct at least a 1 hour preliminary phone consultation they think of more questions to ask me…I don’t know. But these are the types of questions you should ask when looking for a Denver matchmaker.

  1. Does the person who will be matchmaking me know ALL of the clients?
  2. How long have you been in business?
  3. How many marriages have you had?
  4. Where is the interview conducted? In a quiet, private place or at a coffee shop or hotel?
  5. Are you matching me with YOUR clientele or with other local matchmakers? Have you interviewed and met those clients if they are not yours?
  6. Have they interviewed and met with every client?
  7. What are the different…

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