Coloradans Really Getting It


What is “it”?  It is what a legitimate professional Matchmaker really is and does.  Starting my 26th year of business it has become crystal clear that Colorado singles and new single residents to Denver and the Front Range are understanding the difference between Bon Jour Matchmaking and the other local Denver matchmaking services.  It is so gratifying to see…I’ve stuck to my guns regardless of endless suggestions to go either high tech or mass packaging and have the same philosophy that I started with in 1989.

One Matchmaker who knows all of her clients, asks for a reasonable investment in one’s romantic future, offers open-ended contracts to all clients at no additional fee, shares an abundance of personal preferences and background along with current photos of all clients (at no additional fee), collaborates on selection of appropriate matches with each client and sharing feedback along with coaching to every client (at no additional fee).  No empty promises, just a realistic approach.  That is what a Matchmaker does…I don’t charge you upwards of $5,000+ to go out and grab someone single off the street for you, knowing nothing about them, giving you no information on them.  Why in the world would a person looking for love pay so much money and then get no information, no background check report to view, no photos to view, no profile to view?  If you go in that direction then DEMAND to see the background check, photos and a profile for that amount of an investment!

And this year the feedback from both old and new clients is that when comparing local Denver matchmaking services, Bon Jour Matchmaking stands out as the real thing.  The hands-on, personal approach in a 26-year established service that doesn’t nickel and dime clients to death.  Doesn’t confuse them with a variety of different plans and specials but merely requests a one-time filing fee and, when appropriate, a per introduction fee.  A service who doesn’t give preferential treatment to one sex or the other.  Both sexes make the same financial investment in their future.

A service who maintains a high standard for my clients often suggesting that prospective callers who either do not fit in with the current clientele and/or “don’t get it” (my philosophy) choose another service.  I am a tiger when it comes to clients acting responsibly both to the service and to each other.  Read the articles under Media Center.  It’s always been that way and always will be and judging by 2014 it has paid off for the clients as well as their Matchmaker!

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