Bon Jour Matchmaking’s Mission Statement

For the past 32 years (since 1989) my goal has always been to provide a full service matchmaking experience for each and every client.  To assist clients in avoiding ruts, bad habits, poor choices and mistakes I myself have made.  I am very interactive with each client with lots of suggestions and coaching if needed.  To work only with clients who fit what my clientele is searching for and who have similar backgrounds, education, hobbies, morals, values, talents and lifestyles.  To extend an open-ended contract to each and every client so they have the time to meet the right person for them.  And last, but not least, to do all of this with a one-time investment fee that is designed specifically for each person.

You should understand that I turn down many of the people who call for Bon Jour. Either because they don’t fit what my clients are searching for, because they don’t “get it” or because it’s a fair investment and if I’m not sure I can help I suggest we don’t work together. To clarify what that means…I do NOT make any money in any of those cases. So…because of my honesty there are many, many, many times I take calls and spend lots of time assessing in those consultations and come to the conclusion this is not the right service…hence I make no income BECAUSE of my integrity and honesty!

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