Order Your Personalized Poetry For Any Situation

Don’t Know How to Say It…Try a Poem

I love you;   I hate you;   Get lost;
Say it with poetry and sweep them off their feet or dump them with a poem.

Want to turn a friendship into a romance?

Want to turn a romance into a friendship?

Say Happy One Month Anniversary; Celebrate First Date; I Want to Live Together; Let’s Date;  Call Me Again, I’m Interested;  OR

Say I’m Outta Here; I Don’t Want to See You Anymore; You’re a Jerk; Let’s Just Be Friends; This Isn’t Working For Me

Call Michele with 5-7 specific details of your situation and what you want to convey and she’ll write you a personalized poem to say it for you.  Then either you can buy your own card and add the poem or Michele will purchase a card to go with the poem for you.

For $35 let Michele say poetically what you’re having trouble saying.  Following are some examples:

(They broke up with no explanation)


I turned you’re there

We danced, we swayed, we laughed, we played

We fought, we cried, we stumbled, we crumbled

I turned you’re gone…NEXT!

copyright January, 1990 Michele Fields

(Romantic relationship ends because of another person)

I Care…

Your happiness means more to me than my own desires for you.

Though inherently I want to give you negative advice, it comes out to her advantage.

I Care…

Through the past year I’ve evolved my feelings from the immaturity of a passionate love relationship to a more mature everlasting friendship.

One of understanding, caring and affection.

But I shudder to think of losing that too.

I care…

Your world revolves in a different direction now.

One with no room for me.

The talks we used to have to try to understand each other and our feelings towards life are but a memory.

It hurts think that the last small part I have of you will soon be gone.

I care…

copyright March, 1993 Michele Fields

(To a Jerk)

You think you’re smooth, you think you’re a stud,

Well baby the truth is…you’re a dud!

You dress the part and act real smart

But you were born without a heart!

You talk like you are sincere

But you’re pretense is obvious

Sorry about that dear.

Guys like you come and go, that’s a fact I well know.

So I’ll play along until it’s time

To move on to the next one in line.

copyright October, 1987 Michele Fields

(Not getting along very well)

In general things are going well, our time together is really swell

But on occasion there does exist some turbulance that does persist.

I feel that we should clear the air to maintain the love we share.

Communication is the key

Without that we would cease to be!

copyright November, 1987 Michele Fields

(I need a commitment)

It’s been a year, what is your fear?

Sometimes I doubt that you’re sincere.

We talk of  love, I do my best

Not to pressure or suggest.

But life goes on, I’ve done my part

To wait around would not be smart.

So shit or get off the pot,

It’s time to give what you’ve got!

copyright November, 1987 Michele Fields

(Afraid of commitment)

You say you care, but do I dare?

“No commitments”, is that fair?

You say we’re close, but do I boast?

“No commitments”, so do we coast?

First you’re here and then you’re there.

It’s a wonder I believe you care.

My feelings persist through all of this

And I melt everytime we kiss.

So what’s the deal?

Should I feel?

Or is this just a ferris wheel?

copyright November, 1987 Michele Fields


*FEES are contingent on the length of the poem and framing.  Call 303-756-8106 for details.

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