Reviews of Denver Matchmaking Services and Other Businesses

All information about Denver matchmaking services has come directly from either printed reviews and material already online and/or from callers or clients.  This is not my personal review.

So many people call me who have read reviews of all the Denver matchmakers.  Often they say the reason they are calling me is because I have such good reviews.  To point out the obvious…when any business has been operating for as long as mine (29 years) there are bound to be clients who are displeased.  Perhaps because the service didn’t meet their expectations, perhaps their expectations were unrealistic or perhaps because they got in their own way of their success.

Take reviews of all businesses with a grain of salt UNLESS there are multiple negative reviews over multiple years.  I think to judge by those standards is reasonable, but many people are unhappy with businesses for reasons that have nothing to do with the business so they post a negative review.

Judge for yourself based on all information as well as reviews over the years from multiple clients, not just from a few reviews that pop up first on YELP or KUDZU.

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