How To Become a Professional Matchmaker

It is possible to become a professional matchmaker without enormous franchise fees!  Starting in 1989 I established myself as a professional Matchmaker in Denver, Colorado.  I’ve never taken out a loan or rented office space to do so.  I have always worked from home.  In fact, when I was looking for a new home the one major qualification was that there was a room of some kind on the main floor that could be turned into an office.

I am in search of people who wish to work for themselves, from home and make their own fees with their own business.  This would not be an extension of my company, it would be your own.  The only significant stipulations are that you operate it as an old-fashioned matchmaking service and for ten (10) years do not compete with me in the Front Range of Colorado.  This opportunity is only for people located outside of Colorado.  For a one-time investment I will coach you for a year as to how to open, market and operate your own matchmaking service.

Bon Jour Matchmaking Service has facilitated 316 marriages since 1989 in Denver and has been my own creation and career for 27 years and will continue to be until I retire or pass away.  This can be your dream too.  If you are interested you should read through the website and then contact me to discuss your situation and the investment.

I started my own company because I was a severe insomniac and no longer could keep 8-5 hours.  So I set my own hours with my insomnia in mind and you can work around any challenges you may have such as children, disabilities, insomnia, whatever the case may be.  FYI, I have never had an incident with a new client when interviewing in my home.  After a while you can tell over the phone who is “crazy” and does not belong in your service or your home (and that includes women).

I look forward to hearing from you!  303-756-8106

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