How to Interpret Negative Yelp Reviews of Businesses

Owning a matchmaking service is a slippery slope…you are managing people’s hopes and dreams as well as egos and expectations.  Many people who join a service have higher criteria for the people they meet in the service than they would in the “real” world.  So they may turn down potential introductions that could have blossomed into a lifetime if they had not been so overly particular.

Regarding negative reviews…people have many agendas when writing either a positive or negative review of a business. Specifically in a matchmaking or dating service, again we are talking about hopes, dreams and ego. If a person was unsuccessful for any reason they may have a vendetta against that service. It may have nothing to do with the service itself, the owner or even the clients. In fact it may have alot to do with that client’s own expectations and/or attitude.  Some people may review a company they haven’t even used because they were not accepted by the company as a client, like this link… 

Clients who either don’t meet “the one” or are not overly popular in a service tend to “shoot the messenger”.  In other words, take it out on the service itself or the owner when, realistically, there is little an owner can do to “force” one client to meet another.  Investing in any type of matchmaking service or dating service is just that…an investment.  A good analogy is the stock market.  You invest money hoping for the best, to make money and have the best outcome.  But sometimes the stock market turns down and you lose money.  It’s an option you’ve chosen to increase your wealth that may not come to fruition.  Joining any type of service, working with a coach or other vehicle to meet “the one” is an option you’ve chosen that you hope succeeds.  It may or it may not…

There are many reasons why people turn down profiles that range from appearance to political views to pets to children to religion or all of the aforementioned.  Just be sure to select a service that fits your comfort level and personality, that way you will be comfortable in the service and perhaps be more successful.  Also keeping your criteria more open and having realistic expectations will make this a much better experience.


Published by Michele "the Matchmaker" Fields

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