WARNING ABOUT…I signed up with them to be an Expert. First of all they do not vet their “experts” so anyone could claim to be an expert in any field and the callers won’t know the difference. Because there was no category at the time for a Matchmaker I put a profile in My Future (which is filled with psychics not matchmakers). They added my profile to My Health also so that they could generate more money. But I insisted I didn’t belong in either so they pulled the one from My Health. I kept getting calls from people who assumed I was a psychic and I answered assuming they were calling for a Matchmaker (I prominently posted Matchmaker). I wasted an enormous amount of time trying to straighten a number of problems out with this “company”.

Finally they removed me from My Future and put me on HOLD until they built up a category I SUGGESTED called My Love. They owe me money from taking calls for psychics in the tiny amount of $22.89. According to them they have “LOST” my information, that would probably include the balance information showing the calls and fees. They have never paid me! At this point, obviously, it’s not the $22.89, it’s the principle! If they won’t pay such a nominal fee for time spent and work that I shouldn’t even have been doing, they are unlikely to pay your fees as an expert that are higher. This was not only a really bad experience and waste of time for me (the expert) but also for the callers who end up paying for calls to the wrong expert.  UPDATE:  They FINALLY paid me without my sending the information they claimed to have lost and after I made a big fuss!

I read a couple of reviews from callers in Washington, DC and another state who were billed $1000 on their credit cards for calls that only lasted minutes!

In addition, they were showing logos of several national TV stations and TV shows implying they have been “featured” on those. There is NO evidence they have been covered by any of those!  They note such venues as NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox News, Rachel Ray, Dr. Phil and Inside Edition.  So this is a WARNING to both experts AND callers.  I contacted those companies and pointed out this “misinformation” to them.  Since then they have corrected it to read ADVERTISED ON.  But if I hadn’t they would have left the misleading information.  Be careful if you engage with this company on either side (expert or caller).  They just do not appear to be up and up.

They have now stopped responding to my emails asking for payment for my work.  To see their responses, which are outright lies, go to and search eclient.  I’m going to include some of my frustration and their email responses below so that you can clearly see they are lying on that site.  I have kept 38 emails with them, that alone is worth more than the miniscule amount they owe me along with a multitude of suggestions I’ve made.  It’s too bad, seemed like a good idea but apparently the people running this are not the most upstanding individuals based on MY experience.

This is their response saying they put my check in PayPal which I repeatedly said NOT to do as I don’t have a PayPal account!  I selected SEND CHECK on the site when I signed up and in several emails asking for the money.  When I wrote and told them this (no PayPal account) below was their response:

Hi Michele,

Why do you telling us that we send a Paypal payment ? Could you send me this email ?

You’re check is sended.

eClient Support Team

Hi Carol,
Thank you.  That’s probably a good idea for both of us.  I did receive 6 or 7 calls yesterday adding up to $22.98.  All of them were looking for psychics.  Several hung up on me when I explained I was a matchmaker not a psychic.  FYI, there are TONS of matchmakers around the country, even just here in Denver, so if you were to open such a category it would not be hard to find them.  You probably aren’t getting them because there is no appropriate category for them.

Please reactivate me as soon as you create that category.  Also, please be sure I am sent a check for the $22.98 on pay day.  Thank you!

Michele Fields

—–Original Message—–
From: eClient Customer Service
Sent: Jan 13, 2014 9:10 AM
To: Michele Fields
Subject: [Ticket ID: 603275] Re: Re: eClient – Application approved – [GKH-PUZUC-669]


Hi Michele,

We would like to open a new category but we would need to gather up additional experts to fill the category. For now we have taken your profile offline so that you do not receive any further calls until the appropriate category is opened.

Thank you,

Carol Provost

Dear Eclient Staff,

You really need to fix this situation.  This is the second call I’ve gotten looking for a psychic even though my information clearly states that I am a Matchmaker.

My Future is the wrong category for a Matchmaker.  You ask for suggestions as to other new categories but I sent one in and it was ignored.  You need a category for either Romance, Relationships or Love.  NOT a subcategory, a regular category “My Romance”, “My Relationships” whatever…

Your callers are getting frustrated calling me looking for a psychic, they are not reading my bio…you are losing money that way!

Michele Fields
Professional Matchmaker

Hi Michele,

 We had spoken a few weeks ago and you suggested a new category for love and romance. Well we are launching it. It will be called My Love.
We will be putting your profile in there for sure and will be accepting other applications. Do you have an idea how we can reach other matchmakers or experts like yourself who help people set up and manage their profiles on dating sites and give advice in that area?
Thanks for your help!

Should you be interested in seeing more of these emails you are welcome to contact me.  Michele Fields

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