Remembering the Beloved Comic Genius of Our Generation Robin Williams

When Robin Williams reached Heaven this morning even God gave him a standing ovation.  There really was only one like him.  They say that about many people but in his case he was the definition of unique.  We’ll never see another Robin Williams in our lifetime.  We won’t forget what a superb actor he was…he just did it all with ease.

I can’t help but think of the enormous loss this is to the many people he touched who he worked with over so many years and on so many projects.  The other celebrities who grew up with him.  And, of course, his family and friends who must be in the depths of sadness.

His humor, talent and compassion helped so many people escape from the stress of their lives but sadly no one was able to help him with his own challenges. I’m sure everyone second guesses themselves as to whether they missed the signs and could have helped.

To reach the point of considering suicide happens to many humans.  To arrive at the point of doing it is something most people can’t comprehend.  It takes a special kind of pain, sadness and not being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  To only see darkness in your future.  It’s hard to comprehend how a person, like so many other celebrities who’ve passed prematurely (accidentally or not), could give up with so much universal love for them, families, incredible talent.  But suicide is a dark place that reaches beyond all of that.  All of that disappears in the presence of that kind of pain.

The thought of never seeing a new interview with Mr. Williams, a new movie, a new comedy act is overwhelmingly sad.  The world is in mourning for so many people at this point in time, yet this person, this zany, comical, brilliant light on our earth that has gone out is felt by everyone.  We all hope he will find the peace he so needed where he is now…and lucky them to have Robin Williams to make the other side laugh.  I hope he can feel all this love now…

8/14/14  Now we know and maybe understand, but that doesn’t fill the void or ease the pain.  Robin Williams will be missed until we see him again…

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