Below are several reviews that clients took time out of their busy lives to write in support and appreciation of Bon Jour Matchmaking on Yelp.  However, Yelp in it’s wisdom has hidden ALL of them under “reviews currently not recommended”.  So here are a few of them:

Another hidden review by Yelp:

I have worked for and with match makers in the past and having been with Michele’s services for the past several years, I can say she is the real deal. She is honest, direct, and truly cares for your success. While my perfect match remains elusive, I have been introduced to the highest quality of women I can imagine meeting who are all looking for the same thing: relationship success. You are not only investing in a relationship goal with Michele, but also your personal growth with her coaching. You just have to be honest with yourself in what you are looking for, be able to accept sound and direct advice, and Michele will help with the rest.

I’m happy my contract with her is open-ended until I meet the right woman. There’s no worry that you have ‘X’ amount of matches, and you’re done. You will need to fill out some very detailed information about who you are and what you are looking for. You are never presented with a match you are not a good fit for. You simply pay a $35 introduction fee to meet with interested matches. Please bear in mind her services aren’t for everyone. She knows what her clientele is looking for and will be honest whether you’re a good match for her services or not. If you’re done with the rat race that is dating these days, invest some time in communicating with Michele to see if she’s a good fit for your relationship goals.

Dr.  Allen Mok, Arvada, CO


8/2/19 Reviews Yelp has hidden:

It has truly been a pleasure to get to know and work with Michele Fields, Bon Jour Matchmaking. She is honest and upfront and also warm and personable, a combination that is perfect for what she does. Her commitment to keep looking for the right person for each client as long as the client wants her to (for just one initial fee!) is unique in my experience. Although I have not yet found that “special someone,” I know Michele will do everything she can to help me. I highly recommend Michele’s matchmaking service.   Ann O., Denver, CO


I decided to use a matchmaking service for several reasons. I did not seem to be meeting women who really wanted to be serious, and I felt I needed some honest feedback about me and how I present myself. I researched several options, but always came back to Michele’s Bon Jour web site, and finally decided to sign up with her. The main thing that sold me was that she is an independent owner-operator, not an “agent” of a larger company or franchise. Her web site, and a couple of phone discussions, gave me the impression of someone who will deal with me openly and honestly, who is sincere and grounded, and who truly seems to be interested in making a match for me rather than just collecting another client fee. There have been no surprises, everything that Michele outlines on her web site, and what we discussed on the phone has been exactly how the process has worked for me. She has been very responsive to my questions and concerns as we have started working together, and is definitely giving me suggestions of things that I can improve in myself. I am really looking forward to working together with her to have my last first date.   Brad K., Denver

1/17/19 Another client review hidden by Yelp…5 stars

Last year, I was tired on online dating sites/apps and began looking for a service with a more personal approach. Someone who would be on my side, listen to me, get to know who I am, and provide honest, concise feedback. In my search I found Bon Jour Matchmaking and reached out to Michele to discuss her service. We had a very good, down-to-earth, and honest discussion on dating and relationships. I found her to be quite refreshing and logical. Shortly hereafter I was dating through her service. Michele’s coaching prior to the dates helped my getting to know my date, resulting in conversations flowing smoothly. The feedback afterwards was also very useful for me. It clearly showed me how potential mates are viewing me, so I can make adjustments prior to the next date. Looking back over my experience and my many conversations with Michele, I do trust her to provide good dating advice and high quality assistance in my achieving my goal.

Brian, Age 58


I’ve tried a couple of local Denver matchmakers and was very dissatisfied.  For 3 basic reasons, no info on my matches per se, they didn’t follow my preferences we discussed at length and they either didn’t return or answer my calls or emails or it took forever.  So I decided to try one more time and contacted Bon Jour.  Immediately it was obvious that Michele has been in this business for a very long time.  Her website was loaded with info and she spent as much time as needed to answer all my questions and I had a lot.  So we’ve been together for several months and I’ve found her warm, accessible, interested in me and very promptly answers calls and emails.  Her clientele is far superior to who I met in the other services and she shares tons of info and pictures of each potential match.  I’m not the easiest person to work with and with that said I’ve found Michele to excel in our interactions.

Katie, Age 32


8/30/17 Another client review hidden by Yelp…5 stars

Michele’s reputation as, “The Matchmaker” in Denver is well deserved! I joined Bon Jour and have only very positive things to say about my experience. I had my first introduction in 2 weeks and my experience with Michele has exceeded my expectations. Bon Jour focuses on having clients meet quality people. All of the profiles Michele reviewed with me were very attractive and successful women. Her in person interview included reviewing photos and detailed profile descriptions of other women together. Michele’s matchmaking service is much different than other matchmaking companies in Denver, which pay very little attention to their client’s requests. I used to be a member of a Denver based match making service and all of my matches for 1 year were completely off base, especially from a physical standpoint. Most importantly, Michele takes the guess work out of dating. She’s in constant communication with you and guides you in the right direction when you meet someone. This includes coaching and giving advice when it’s needed. That’s invaluable in my opinion! Let’s face it…dating can be exhausting and frustrating. But it’s wonderful to know that Michele is honest and sincerely cares about her clients.
D. H., M.D., Age 41


5/4/17  Another client wrote this review yesterday and Yelp has already hidden it.  She is NOT happy!  Review follows:

5 Stars

I just joined Michele’s service a couple of months ago and have nothing but great things to say! I contacted her because I’m feeling entirely burned out with online dating and am looking for a mate. Michele is supportive, genuine and forthright. I know she has my best interests in mind because she vets potential clients. Her service is very hands on and she coaches her clients–so you have to be able to communicate honestly with good rapport. I was impressed by her open-ended contract and the fact that she has been doing this for 28 years. This is her calling. Only a person confident in their service and with a strong track record of success would offer an open-ended contract (all the other local services in town contract for a certain period of time and charge, in my humble opinion, confiscatory amounts). Her website has a ton of great information and the goal isn’t to provide you with a million matches. The goal is to zero in on what her clients are looking for and for them to find a strong connection with one of the first few people they meet. While the the right man for me hasn’t presented himself yet, I know that joining Michele’s service makes it more likely I meet someone perfect for me! 🙂 EDIT: Also, not sure why over 20 reviews aren’t recommended by Yelp? But, be sure to check those out too.  Taylor H.


Here’s another but they may hide this one too:

5 Stars

I’ve used the dating websites for years, but it wasn’t until Michele provided a better match for me than the websites ever did, that I realized how wrong the websites were. They claim that their matches are based on different aspects of your personality, but there’s no one-on-one conversation to truly understand the personality. Michele told me about a couple of personal issues that were holding me back from meeting the right person, and I appreciated that bluntness. When she matched matched me with someone recently that has the same thought process that I do, I realized that the long-term relationships from my past, from the website, were extremely far off. Those previous relationships, despite being 6-18 months long, were actually not very good matches, despite what the website suggested. I recommend Michele’s Matchmaking service because it’s an actual person doing the matching and not a computer algorithm that thinks it knows better.  Aaron Q.


5 Stars

When I decided to go with a service, I had heard horror stories from friends who had been charged confiscatory amounts by other agencies and who had been matched randomly with other women regardless of their preferences to satisfy those agencies’ “annual number of dates” policies. I put in a lot of time investigating matchmaking agencies and decided to go with Michele, and am very glad I did.

From the beginning, you can tell Michele’s is not merely a service, but rather a calling for her. She first spends a fair amount of time with you on the phone in order to get a sense of your personality, what you’re looking for in a person and in life, and why you’re coming to her. She thus weeds out both people whom she feels she can’t help and those who are just “gold diggers,” “players” or otherwise aren’t serious about finding a lasting relationship.

She follows this up with a substantially longer in-person interview at which you pay your one-time, open-ended fee (I paid $1700.) This is just a fraction of what other agencies charge, and other agencies charge their (in many case FIVE FIGURE) fees ANNUALLY; Michele’s fee is good for however long it takes to find your match.

Michele’s service isn’t like other dating agencies where you’re provided with a database or book of profiles to leaf through and pick out what you think you might want, but rather Michele uses her skills and experience to pick out the people she feels would make the best match for YOU. This is why her interview process is so extensive; how could you trust a matchmaker that didn’t truly know you AND your prospective match in detail? Anyone can puff up a profile or provide years-old photos; you can’t get away with those tricks with Michele. She’ll only introduce you to clients who meet the criteria you are looking for, and more importantly, who are also looking for YOU.

Michele is very honest and up-front about herself, her service, and what you can expect from her, something I appreciated ever so much given the very slimy tactics of many other agencies in the business, especially those that spend a lot of money on glossy magazine ads. More importantly, Michele will not accept you as a client unless she feels she can truly help you find your match and that you would be the kind of match her other clients are looking for; it would be trivial for her to just accept fees from ANYONE but that’s simply NOT in her nature.

Michele’s the real deal. She naturally can’t promise that she’ll find you the love of your life, but at the very least you’ll certainly meet people of a much higher caliber than those found on online dating sites or that you’re likely to run into “organically.”

If you’re sick of the dating game and are truly looking for the match of your life, I couldn’t possibly recommend Michele’s service more.   William K.


5 Stars

Michele had a page on her matchmaking service site about another service and ‘how people like this other woman’ reduce the credibility of legitimate matchmakers! Well I happened to have used this other woman that Michele was talking about . I sent Michele a brief email and she called me right away to discuss my options and I learned from my mistake. I found Michele very honest and upfront. Michele was also so sweet and spent so much time with me speaking about my situation with the other matchmaker . Bon Jour was charging initial $1000 fee compared to $5-10k for other matchmaking agencies. I wish I would have used her service from the get-go!  Ella S.


5 Stars

I’ve been a member of BonJour for about 3 months. Michelle invests a lot time getting to know her clients and coaching them on how to change their behavior and how to attract, and keep, a quality mate. Michelle personalizes each match for her clients after meeting them IN PERSON and getting to know their personality. She reviews potential matches with each client and speaks with each person after the initial few dates. By doing this, she is able to provide feedback and additional coaching. This personalized aspect, in my experience, is unique to BonJour. The reasonable prices are a huge bonus as well. I would highly recommend Michelle.  Natalie B.


5 Stars

So far so good. I joined during the summer and met a couple of fantastic women. The quality every man hopes to meet. Unfortunately there was no chemistry but because of the high quality of women I look forward to meeting the match for me that clicks on both sides. I have the utmost faith in Michele’s process and did a long research of local matchmakers prior to joining Bon Jour Matchmaking. I believe I made the right decision and because of the open contract I have lots of time to find the right woman for me. I would recommend this service if you are sincere about finding a lifelong mate. I’m putting 5 stars in anticipation of meeting my future wife with the assistance of Michele the matchmaker. Tom T.


5 Stars

Michele Fields has been a matchmaker in Denver for 24 years. I have been in her service for a couple of years and she does an excellent job. We are lucky to have such a great local matchmaker. I have tried Match, JDate, E Harmony, and a couple of others. These services don’t compare to Bon Jour. I have met way more quality people thru Michele’s service. You never know who and what you are meeting with these other services. I have been scammed thru a couple of these national services.

Bon Jour’s price is very reasonable and well worth it. She has a great client base and you know you are going to meet a quality individual.  She is a pleasure to deal with and I highly recommend this service.  Cliff B.


5 Stars

I became a member in 2009 and paid $600 at the time. Michele is honest and forthright, earnest and interested, and works really hard for me as an individual. I think using her service is a great idea because its so hard to find people that are serious about finding a lifelong partner – Michele has clients that on ONLY serious about looking for a lifelong partner, and she knows each of us really well. She contacts me regularly for updates about my life and interests and encourages me a lot. I am a fan, as you can see.  Camille B.


5 Stars

I joined Bon Jour Matchmaking service in December. I was hesitant at first because I’ve always just done internet dating. But, I decided to go ahead and contact Michele anyway. During our conversation she asked me my age and I told her 41. At that time she said she didn’t have as many clients in the age range of my preference, but she said we could stay in touch in the future just in case she had someone come in asking for someone my age. But a few days later, Michele called me to let me know after we spoke, she changed her mind and decided to expand her age of clients and that I had persuaded her to do so. She was very up front over the phone about expectations and policies and what I needed to do. She set an appointment for me to come down and meet her to go over everything more in detail including the fee. She was very personable and took the time to get to know me and it was then that I knew she would be looking out for my best interest. I was very satisfied and comfortable with her and found the fee to be very reasonable. She has continued to touch base with me through email and phone providing me with updates as to the pool of potential dates. I realize she doesn’t have a magic wand to make a match and make love happen, but I figured I’d have better chances with her than trying to do it on my own via internet dating. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result…well, I’m putting the end to insanity and going with Michele; so when I do meet someone through Michele, it’s not up to her whether it works or not, it’s up to me. If you are single and looking to meet a professional and educated potential match….I highly recommend you call Michele and set an appointment.   Jeff F.

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