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It’s Your Choice…

When deciding to use a matchmaking service one of the most important considerations is are you looking to “date” or to “mate”.  You should feel that your investment is in your future, starting a brand new life with someone who you have chosen who has chosen you.  If you are truly serious about finding love then it may be time to get serious about how to achieve that goal.

If you are interested in immediate gratification than a REAL matchmaker is not what you are looking for.  I am from the old school of matchmaking combined with the realities of 2015.  If you are looking for “dates” i.e., buying a specific number of dates for a specific period of time, then Bon Jour is not for you.  If, however, you have played the numbers game with the Internet dating services to no avail and/or other services who…

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Published by Michele "the Matchmaker" Fields

I have been a professional Matchmaker for 34 years in Denver, CO. My service, Bon Jour Matchmaking Service, has facilitated 300+ marriages of 600+ Colorado Front Range singles through hand holding, personalized matchmaking. For more information go to

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