Having been in business with Bon Jour Matchmaking Service for 30 years I realize and so should you that I have and will run across people who don’t get it, have their own agenda playing and are just not reasonable, mature or nice people. Unfortunately in this line of career I run across more of those than normal.

People who misunderstand, misinterpret and are just out to bash others trying to do the right thing. The Internet gives them ample opportunity to voice their own biased experience and opinion all over the place. That is certainly the case with Stephanie Lindquist. Imagine someone expecting a business owner to be available every minute of the hours they offer when there is a myriad of responsibilities that owner takes care of. That is exactly WHY I have the vast amount of hours that I have!

I never even spoke with Stephanie Lindquist and she has nothing better to do than write nasty reviews when she didn’t have time to call for the FREE telephone consultation but clearly has the time to write nasty reviews and place them all over the Internet! Again, I made the right call in very short order after an email interaction with her that I did not want to even talk with her or represent her. So she is totally lying when she says SHE decided not to use the service.  I don’t want to embarrass her by sharing HER email response when I merely said I couldn’t conduct the phone consultation when she asked for it. It clearly says on here there is no need to schedule that consultation, just call. So she isn’t great at following directions either which would make her a less than desirable client.

I really felt the need to clarify and remind you the consumer that the best way to judge a business is to go by the majority of reviews that say the same thing. That’s what I do when judging whether to use a business.

Published by Michele "the Matchmaker" Fields

I have been a professional Matchmaker for 34 years in Denver, CO. My service, Bon Jour Matchmaking Service, has facilitated 300+ marriages of 600+ Colorado Front Range singles through hand holding, personalized matchmaking. For more information go to

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