New Picture Policy

Traditionally Bon Jour has taken pictures at the time of the interview at no charge to the client.  I feel that the client is more relaxed in their own environment taking their time and having a friend take lots of shots, then sending me the best ones.  That’s what often happens anyway so I am starting a new picture policy as of this date 3/18/13.

One of the biggest benefits to clients of Bon Jour Matchmaking is the sharing of photos.  If you select to work with Bon Jour than I will guide you as to which pictures work best and which will not based on my one-on-one experience with each client and their reactions to the pictures.  For the best results as a client following my advice and direction about your pictures will only benefit you…So if you decide to work with me it is because I am so hands on in every aspect of your experience.

Because you are making both a financial investment as well as an emotional investment don’t be lazy with your pictures.  Don’t just send me fuzzy, distant or pictures with lots of other people in them.  Take the time to have someone take new, current photos that represent you as you are now.  They should be similar to the ones below.  They are very important when potential matches view your profile so make an effort to do them right.

When you schedule an appointment for an interview to become a client you will be required to send me a minimum of SIX current photos (head shots and full length shots) prior to the interview.  These should not be professional photos but should be only snapshots.  But they should be photos that you approve of being shared with prospective matches.  They should be clear photos of your face and figure/body so that people viewing them can easily see an attraction.  Following are examples:

They don’t need to be dressy.  The point is that they are clear pictures of you…


To mitigate the over-analyzing of their photos from certain clients who never like their pictures, I am implementing this new policy.  This is one of the reasons most local services do not share photos of their clients.  I feel, however, that to decide whether you have an interest in someone you need all the information possible and will always share photos along with extensive questionnaires.

Published by Michele "the Matchmaker" Fields

I have been a professional Matchmaker for 34 years in Denver, CO. My service, Bon Jour Matchmaking Service, has facilitated 300+ marriages of 600+ Colorado Front Range singles through hand holding, personalized matchmaking. For more information go to

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