This information was taken directly from the VIDA website in 2020 (Those fees have probably increased since this posting):


Just received a call from a woman who went in to do a consultation with them. She expressed that they were disorganized and lied about a number of things such as length of time in business stating they’ve been in business 22 years. So I went on the BBB site and they have an F rating and have only been in business ONE YEAR! Also on the BBB they listed the owner as Mrs. Owner so they won’t disclose who owns and operates that service. I’m surprised the BBB accepted that! DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER (OR ANY COMPANY). THEY DO NOT NEED IT TO DO A BACKGROUND CHECK!!!


Around $3,500 for 6 months$8,400 for 12 months, and a “VIP” 1-year membership starts at $15,000. Clients typically get a minimum of 1 match per month.


Starts around $25,000 and can go higher than $150,000. Cost depends on the number of cities you’d like matchmakers to include in the search, as well as a few other factors. No matter which membership package you choose, you’ll get 13 months worth of search time, and a full year’s worth of pause time.


Having a matchmaker scout for highly compatible singles requires a premium membership, which starts around $5,000. Membership prices can top out north of $50,000, depending on the level of service you’d like.


Being listed in the pool of Denver singles is free, but it’s a passive membership – you’ll only be matched when you fit someone else’s criteria. If you want a matchmaker to look for your ideal partner, you’ll need to pay for a Premier membership.

Paid memberships start around $8,500 for 6 months, and $15,000 for 12 months of matchmaking services.


Clients pay for matchmaking services by the month, rather than committing to a long-term contract. Monthly packages run between $495 and $1,695.

Compiled from VIDA Select.


ONE-TIME investment fee ranging from $4500-$5500 with an open-ended contract for all clientsPer introduction fee of $35 on both sides of the introduction. What am I paying for at Bon Jour34 years of Denver matchmaking success with more than 300 marriages!

TAWKIFY: A man called me and said he paid them $9,000 for one year. This is as of 2023.


There’s a new service in town who runs the same way as all the other services. No profiles, no pictures, no experience and a very young and new owner charging $10,000 to $12,000 per contract according to a recent new client of mine! 

The owner of this service let me know she uses a company to delete her negative reviews. Did you know there are services that do that?

This is also another local service getting YOUR matches from other matchmakers without photos, profiles or personal interviews or your knowledge due to a lack of clientele. How does the dating part work? In a review of this service someone wrote: she sends a text to both of us saying meet at this location at this time. We don’t get pictures before the date or any information.

In addition, my new client shared that the guy working for this owner hit on her during what was supposed to be her zoom interview. She met him for lunch and now he’s constantly texting and calling her to go out again. As well as being inappropriate, it totally turned her off of the whole company.

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