There are some Denver dating services who offer a background check as part of their service and charge extra and/or a higher fee for that option. But background checks can be done by yourself much cheaper, however that is not the purpose of this particular blog.  Also, if you have chosen a service who charged you extra for the “background check” you should be allowed to view it before meeting each person.  You paid for it…if you don’t view it how do you know they really did it?

I know from personal experience that background checks only give you a false sense of security. If someone is using an alias their background check will come up clean. When I was 29 I met a man who my mother had a bad feeling about. So we asked a family friend who was a police officer to do a background check on him. He came up totally clean. Then 3 months after we stopped dating, on the front page of the local newspaper there was a story about him being arrested for securities fraud. He was wanted in 3 states and was using 12 aliases! In addition if he hadn’t been caught up to that point his record would have been clean anyway.  Even though his record appeared clean, he was a major felon.

So don’t let services convince you they are safe because they do background checks. All criminals get away with their crimes until they are caught…maybe they just haven’t been caught yet!  The Aurora theatre shooter’s background checked out clean before the shooting according to the local news.

The moral of this Denver Matchmaker’s advice is be on guard with anyone new you meet for some period of time. Background checks are no guarantee. They also won’t help you identify a serial heartbreaker, liar or cheater unfortunately.

The “Long Island Lolita”, Amy Fisher, who was incarcerated for an attempt of murder on her lover’s wife, had a profile on and met her ex-husband on there!  Locally the Aurora Theater shooter also had profiles on two Internet dating sites, one being  Both are felons…

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