Because Bon Jour Matchmaking Service has flourished since 1989 the clientele is set.  I cannot deviate from the makeup of the current clients as they have joined with certain expectations and credentials.  I don’t accept people who I know beforehand will not be successful with this particular clientele.

Over the years the clientele has consistently been comprised of educated, financially stable, emotionally stable, healthy and active singles from the Front Range.  My current clientele primarily sets the criteria for new clients…not me.

Rather than take advantage of people who really do not have the above attributes and accept them in the service, I suggest other options to them that may be a better fit.  Some of the criteria I base my selection of clients on are: must be totally single,  location, age, education, age range they wish to date and how realistic they are.  How quickly they respond to my emails and phone calls even before joining the service.  How they follow instructions with the material I need before their appointments.   They also have to be mentally and emotionally stable.  After all, you can meet crazies on the Internet dating sites.

Another aspect that is a consideration is whether they are interested in dating in bulk  i.e., they consider this a numbers game.  *You can approach finding a mate as a numbers game but I am clear about my structure and my reasons for it.  With all 313 marriages every client married either the first or second person they met in the service.  So clearly it does not have to be a numbers game and works best when it is not.  Play the numbers and you come off with a tone of desperation.  It only takes one…the right one.

Because everyone in Bon Jour has an open-ended contract and there is no way to guarantee that your perfect match is here waiting for you right when you join, Bon Jour Matchmaking gives you the gift of time.  So that when the right match comes in, if they aren’t here already, you are on file and available.  Fate plays a significant role with love.  Services that have specific endings to their contracts deny you from meeting the right person if they join after your contract has expired.  What a bummer!

Many local Matchmaking services tend to try to sell you a certain number of dates in a package.  That is the worst thing you can do.  Several do not show you profiles or pictures, rather they select people for you and read you a few facts over the phone.  That way they can knock off your list of dates and try to re-sign you for more.  They often do not adhere to the preferences you’ve set for your matches.  It is not a good way to go.  This is feedback directly from my clients as well as singles just calling about the service who share their experiences with that approach.

*Consider the TV shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette…They start with 25 people and eventually get down to one.  On the Internet you are doing that individually which is extremely time consuming and frustrating.  Out of 10 years or so on the air, only 3, maybe 4 couples have married and stayed married from those two shows.  So that should clarify to you it is not a numbers game…unless you choose to play it that way.

Published by Michele "the Matchmaker" Fields

I have been a professional Matchmaker for 34 years in Denver, CO. My service, Bon Jour Matchmaking Service, has facilitated 300+ marriages of 600+ Colorado Front Range singles through hand holding, personalized matchmaking. For more information go to

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