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This week the 3 Matchmakers selected women again for the 2 new guys.  One of the Matchmakers, Kelleher, decided to turn this into a real soap opera by having one guy’s ex-girlfriend there as one of the matches.  That has created tension and confusion both for the other girls and the guy.  Interesting about Kelleher, she mentioned that she has been matchmaking for 17 years.  But her website says she started in around 1986…interesting.

This week the Matchmakers gave some good advice to each contestant which personal characteristics to emphasize and which to play down.  I can see that I would fit well in the show as this is exactly how I proceed with my clientele.  They have thrown in a male Matchmaker to get the prospective of the men more directly.  So far the results are not that much different than the other two.  The bottom line is that the guy eliminates one woman each week that he doesn’t feel that “thing” with or that he doesn’t feel it as much as with the others.

It is a smaller version of “The Bachelor” with more bachelors being set up and fewer women.  But if you watch you may gather some insight into how males and females think.  Albeit this type of venue may totally skew one’s normal thinking.  One of the girls who was eliminated last night never should have gone on a show with this format.  She repeatedly said from beginning to end that she could not get used to it and it was affecting how she was acting.  Then WHY did she go on it?  It’s like “The Bachelor” where the women argue and get petty and people are eliminated.

I watch these programs as I consider it my “homework”.  I hope to pick up insights into how each sex thinks, what makes them select or eliminate people, in this show add to my own advice to my clients, etc.  As a Professional Matchmaker, like any other profession, I stay current and educated about my vocation so as to better serve my clients.

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