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Saturday night the newsmagazine 48 Hours replayed a story they had previously aired.  A lovely 50 something woman went on and met a man.  They were married, I believe it was, in 3 months (can’t exactly remember how long it said they dated).  They had many domestic fights and eventually the woman was killed.

When the guy went on trial it was discovered that he had previously been married 3 other times.  All 3 ex-wives testified that he had abused them physically.  Fortunately the 4th wife who he killed had documented her injuries and kept a diary that she shared with a co-worker.  He was convicted of murder!  Another lovely Internet Dating Site story…

Meanwhile Martha Stewart announced a couple of months ago that she was using  Is she crazy????  Not only have there been a ton of stories like the above but a famous, wealthy older woman is such a target!  She must be getting paid to use it and announce it.  Otherwise if she really was just personally using it she wouldn’t dare tell anyone.  So it goes to show that you can be ultra successful in many aspects of your life but nothing takes the place of COMMON SENSE…right Dr. Phil???

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