1. What is your favorite part of matchmaking?  The interviewing and the coaching.  Of course the matchmaking process.
  2. Who do you least like to work with after 31 years?  Teachers (K-12) are the most difficult clients.  They are often flaky and don’t follow through as promised.  Again, disappointing and surprising but very consistent.  Also women in their twenties can be uncooperative.  When they are cooperative they are a pleasure, but have run into issues with some so I now start at 30.
  3. Why do you have an open-ended contract?  I cannot promise any new client that the perfect person is already in the service waiting for them on the day they join.  Nor is there any way of knowing when the “right” person will appear.  With that in mind I feel that every client NEEDS to have an open-ended contract so that they will be in the service when the right person presents themselves, whenever that may be.
  4. What has disappointed you the most about Denver matchmaking over 31 years?  The lack of appreciation.  It never ceases to amaze me and disappoint me when a couple becomes engaged and they don’t tell me, invite me to the wedding or tell the truth about how they met.  It appears to emanate from the women…who BTW are the most demanding of the clients.  So one would think that if you get the job done they would be appreciative.
  5. Who are the easiest clients to work with?  I have a post listing 4 or 5 personality traits that make working with certain clients both successful and a pleasure.
  6. Who are your most successful clients?  The most realistic ones who believe in the structure and trust me.
  7. How has your business been so successful while others have failed?  It is my heart, not just a business.  I really want everyone to succeed even though realistically I know that not everyone can.  I work full time on such a personal level with each client, which is why they choose to work with me.  So many clients have been successful because the structure of the service and my fees vary vastly from other Denver matchmaking services.
  8. Why don’t you advertise?  Because I’ve been in business for so long I cannot “water down” the quality of the clientele.  Advertising is very expensive and brings in a lot of inappropriate callers.  I have to be very diligent when accepting new clients who both fit in with current clients and who really understand and embrace the structure and philosophy of Bon Jour Matchmaking.  I only work with people who fit what my clients stipulate.  Also I would have to increase the fees to support advertising which I don’t want to do.
  9. How many matches should your clients expect to meet while in your service?  My hope is that they are so discerning they couple or marry the first or second match.  This is Matchmaking so not everyone is an appropriate prospect.  We decide together who they meet and they can meet as many people as they feel are good matches, but my preference is that we take our time and not wear them out with all the wrong ones so they are too discouraged to meet the right one(s).  To zero in on who they are looking for…the needle in the haystack.
  10. Your structure and philosophy seem popular and very successful with singles.  Have others tried to copy you?  There is a woman in L.A. who is the sister of a friend of mine who actually used language from my Press Kit verbatim to start her own service.  I had left my Press Kit with him and unknowingly to me, he gave it to her.  Locally not so much as the way I operate takes a lot of work on a personal level with each client and the local services don’t seem to want to put in the work.  If you do it right there can be a good deal of time and effort involved.

Published by Michele "the Matchmaker" Fields

I have been a professional Matchmaker for 34 years in Denver, CO. My service, Bon Jour Matchmaking Service, has facilitated 300+ marriages of 600+ Colorado Front Range singles through hand holding, personalized matchmaking. For more information go to

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