The FREE phone consultation is for both of us to determine whether this is the right service to achieve what your goal is as well as to assess whether we can work amicably together to that end.

I am REALLY good at assessing whether I can work with someone, their maturity and their stability. But, thank goodness only once in a great while someone slips through who I find is impossible to work with. In this case I can see looking back that if I had declined to work with her she would still have written an equally nasty review…no way to win for me.

Clients have many options to post reviews of companies but companies have no options to review poor clients. So I use my website on occasion to vent/review the very few clients who have been particularly egregious. I usually don’t share their name but in this case (which you will see below) I felt it appropriate.

In the 34 years I’ve been in business (and if this happened often that would not be the case) and worked with hundreds of singles this is the first time I’ve come across such a client. Because this client didn’t like my criticism of a review she posted (I often have to correct inaccurate info my clients put in reviews that give the reader an incorrect impression of something in Bon Jour and they very kindly make the correction) she has lost her mind. She posted the most immature, nasty, vicious review. Much of the review is either inaccurate or a blatant lie. It primarily shows the type of person SHE is and her immaturity level. Additionally, I keep seeing that she uses two last names but has never been married. Sometimes she uses two names. She signed her contracts with one and signs her emails with the other and has profiles under the second name. I did a background check on that name and nothing came up! So, I have no idea which is legal. When she called there was a guy’s name on the caller ID. I guess some guy is paying for her phone? First, she pretended she didn’t know what I was talking about, then said it was her roommate. Again, who knows…

She had called me 2 years ago and we had a great conversation. So good that she wrote a lengthy, well written 5 star review of Bon Jour Matchmaking before becoming a client. I didn’t hear back from her until 2 years later, and had a good impression from that conversation so when certain red flags came up when she came in to interview, although I was stopped in my tracks, I remembered the call and thought I can deal with this. She fit what the clients’ set forth they are looking for and I hate to be overly judgmental…so I accepted her.

Some of the red flags were: she was sitting on her feet during the interview like a child would; when I handed her a profile to review she would sing i.e., Bob bob bo bob, banana banna bo bob, fe fi fo bob…Bob with every profile I shared (using their name of course)! She also kept saying what a partier she is and the guy had to also be a partier. She handed me 9 separate $35 introduction fee checks saying I should go through them by the middle of September. I make it VERY clear, this is NOT a dating service which it clearly states all over this website. You will not meet someone every week or month. This was clear and I reiterated it, but she said to keep them anyway. Didn’t make sense, no one has ever done that in 34 years! Although she did not attend college, but a wellness education program she stated she is going for her PhD. You can’t get a PhD without a traditional undergrad degree, so that didn’t make sense! She never mentioned any other type of education. She repeatedly said when asked about having children that she would have to meet someone who can afford a nanny. Her general personality and demeanor came off very immature…but again I thought, ok, she fits with the clientele, I have clients both that she would want to meet and who would want to meet her.

Based on the 6 page profiles and pictures she selected 5 men she wanted to meet. She met 4 and none of them were “up to par” for her. She shared with one of them that her ex-boyfriend gave her the money for her business and bought her a house…so I spent an inordinate amount of time talking with her both before and after her meetings trying to hone in on what would please her and fulfil her goal as well as what is unwise to share. In that she wasn’t keen on their looks, even though she said they looked like their pictures and SHE chose them, I asked for pictures of men she finds appealing. She sent them with each one having facial hair and then added she hates facial hair. None of the men I set her up with had facial hair BTW.

In that original review she said she would update it when she became a client. So I reminded her of that. Weeks later she finally wrote something…although I appreciate the gesture it was clear to anyone it did not come from the heart nor talk about her experience as a client. I strongly felt the need to point that out and she absolutely lashed out like the child I saw during her interview!

Woke up to this email from her: “Unless it is to set up a date or tell me about a match, please do not contact me. Do your job, nothing more or less.” I responded letting her know, which is my job, that the next two guys (both doctors) she selected are not currently available and this was her response: “Who cares lol you don’t have the caliber of people I am interested in.” What do you think???? Forgetting that whenever someone views her profile they ask me what I think…I cannot tell them what I really think as that is MY experience with her and may not be theirs. If they meet her and it doesn’t click, then I can share my impressions.

The caliber of people she met: an aerospace engineer, a senior product analyst for a telecommunications co., and a finance management specialist with his own company! All in shape, all well educated, all genuinely looking for love…and SHE picked them!

Again, this type of thing is very rare, but you can draw your own conclusions from this post…

Published by Michele "the Matchmaker" Fields

I have been a professional Matchmaker for 34 years in Denver, CO. My service, Bon Jour Matchmaking Service, has facilitated 300+ marriages of 600+ Colorado Front Range singles through hand holding, personalized matchmaking. For more information go to http://bonjourms.com

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