Wow, you really need to be skeptical about certain reviews. I had an issue with a new client who just would not follow through on aspects of setting up her profile and moving forward. Although I explained the necessity for this Narrative which completes your profile, she had excuse after excuse why she didn’t write it and when she finally sent it, she totally ignored my coaching, directions and explanation.

To be clear…the Narrative is a half a typed page that rounds out your profile. Should a new prospect read up to that point and be on the fence, the Narrative should have information that is not contained in the profile to hopefully push them towards meeting you. It’s as basic as that. Your profile is really not complete without it, which is explained to every new client.

I prefer not to share your profile until it’s complete as without the Narrative you may lose people who would consider meeting you after reading a good Narrative. During the interview I let clients know various things they mention that they should include. She totally ignored everything. I don’t really think this woman is interested in meeting someone. Perhaps she is getting pressure from family and friends at her age to do something, because she was not responsive with emails and did not finally send the last version of the Narrative for a month. Then it was pretty much the same as the first one, which would not help.

Conversely, I responded, like all my other clients have noted, immediately to her regardless of the fact that she was emailing me at times til 10pm. Then at 7am and I still responded immediately. She then wanted to “chat” after hours…Bon Jour is open 7 days a week from 9am to 7pm. That should fit into anyone’s schedule.

So, if and when she writes her negative review, hopefully it is taken with a grain of salt. The last email she sent telling me to drop her had totally incorrect information contained in it. Maybe she is just too immature to do a service like this. Maybe that’s the bottom line…and this applies to people who write reviews who were never even clients that Yelp loves to post while hiding…are you ready, 40 reviews from actual clients!

Also, I don’t think the general population knows this but there are dating services and matchmaking services who hire companies to delete their negative reviews! Several are located in Denver

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