The first phone call:  Do not talk about your ex; Do not talk about sex; Do not just talk on and on about yourself (ask HER questions).

 If you are not interested after talking by phone just say: “I don’t think we have enough chemistry to pursue this but it was really nice chatting with you and I wish you the best of luck.”

 The Meeting:  Look like you care about what she thinks; Wear something that is ironed; DO wear deodorant and/or cologne; Look like you put effort into your appearance for her regardless of where you are meeting.

 If you are not interested when you meet DO NOT pretend you are.  Tell her the same as above.

 If she does not look like her photos, lied about age or weight TELL her and don’t waste anymore of your evening on someone who misrepresented herself.  That shows a real lack of respect for you and your time.

 DO NOT meet during the workday!  People will have on less than flattering attire than they would wear during their off time.  They will have their mind on business and getting back to work on time.  If you want to meet for a short time suggest coffee.  DO NOT spend a lot of money on the first meeting but do offer to pay for her beverage.

 Again, don’t just talk about yourself.  Be sure to ask her questions.

 Confirm the meeting THAT morning and make sure you both know the time and place.  Be on time!  Take her number with you in case there is a mix up so that you can call her.

 If you have children do not talk about your opinion on how children should be raised.  Talk only in general terms. 

 If you are going to place an ad in the personals on Craig’s List or an Internet dating service,  post a CURRENT PHOTO of yourself.  NOT flowers, scenery, animals, motorcycles, etc.  Just like you women want to see who you are and see if there is an attraction.  They are no different than men in that way.  If you don’t show yourself you won’t get as much of a response.  Would you respond to a woman’s ad with no photo of her?

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