Michele the Matchmaker Says…Don’t Play Games When Dating


One of the most often heard complaints from women is that they met a new guy, had a great connection and the guy either didn’t call at all or waited a week or more to call.  FYI guys, if you meet a woman and really had a great connection, don’t play games!  Women love it when a guy they are interested in calls ASAP.  Don’t play the “I don’t want her to think I’m too interested” game.  A woman will wait up to 72 hours but then start getting upset, agitated, annoyed, pissed off and write you off.  If you are interested in a woman call her right away.

Now women…the complaint I hear most often about you is you are too busy to fit the guy in.  Guys say they have to call some women over and over to find one free moment to get together.  Ladies, let me tell you, if a guy does that once or twice he will move on.  You have to carve out time for a man you are interested in or he’ll go elsewhere.  It’s great for women to keep themselves busy when they are not dating anyone, but if you use any type of dating venue, either Internet or local, you MUST make the time to cultivate a relationship.

Another concern voiced by men of women is that they have so many pets the guy wonders how they can ever go away together.  So if you are a dedicated pet owner with multiple pets, be sure you let a prospective suitor know how the pets will be cared for when you vacation, otherwise he will assume it’s too hard for you to get away and may pursue someone easier to woo.

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Published by Michele "the Matchmaker" Fields

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