All information about Denver matchmaking services has come directly from either printed reviews and material already online and/or from callers or clients.  This is not my personal review.

4/13/14  Check this out from LinkedIn:

Tara Steele

Sr. Marketing Manager at eHarmony.com Top Contributor

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself, I’m Tara Steele and I’m overseeing marketing for eHarmony’s new premium matchmaking service, eH+.

I’m new to the Matchmaking Industry so I’m very excited to be a part of this great group. I’m excited to meet some of you at the Matchmaking Institute Conference at the end of the month.Sr. Marketing Manager at eHarmony.com Top Contributor

So the person running this whole new division is new to matchmaking!  She said it herself on LinkedIn!

Wow, eHarmony is really getting a lot of negative reviews.  So much so that they’ve come up with a new gimmick according to one of my clients who keeps me up on this stuff.  See his email below with their pitch and his opinion:  In checking this out, the $5,000 is ONLY for 12 months!

Instead of the computer matching you, for $5K they’ll have a matchmaker match you with people from their database:

You’ve heard of matchmakers who charge $10,000, $20,000, $50,000 or more to introduce their clients to a very small pool of matches.  Note:  At least you meet them in person…not so with this deal.

We’ve found a better way– eH+. With eH+ you’ll be working one-on-one with a professional matchmaker who talks with you, coaches you, and hand-selects your matches.

Instead of choosing from only a few dozen potential matches, we’ll be looking at a pool of millions of people. For a price that’s a fraction of the high-end matchmakers – $5,000.

How is this different from eHarmony?

Whatever your experience has been with eHarmony it’s important to understand that eH+ works in a very different way. It isn’t a computer dating site. It’s an offline service that puts you in the hands of a relationship professional. You talk to your eH+ Matchmaker via phone, Skype, text or email and we do all the work for you.

We do choose your matches from eHarmony’s extensive pool of people, but the process of selecting which matches we present to you is very different, and based on information about you that isn’t considered with an eHarmony match.

Typically, you’re likely to get some matches that would never have been given to you on eHarmony.com as well as some matches that you did receive but that you never had the chance to meet or seriously consider.

Or basically you’re paying someone to use eHarmony FOR you – the matchmaker knows nothing more about the people they’re matching you with than what’s already in THEIR profile. So as the client, you don’t have to write a profile and bother with sending introductory emails but instead the matchmaker sets you up with the person with the ten year-old profile picture. 🙂

The only difference is they have access to the full database and pick for you bypassing their computer match algorithm; with eHarmony you only get to interact with the people their computer selects for you, not the membership as a whole and it’s national not local.

The key is, your matchmaker only has access to THEIR profile; they know nothing more about them than you would if you were matched by their computer.  They don’t meet you face-to-face so where’s the personalized part?

Yeah, that’s worth $5K… (my eyes hurt from how hard they’re rolled at that thought.)

Take Care,

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