1. In my opinion the number 1 myth is…the more expensive a service is the more successful it is and the higher quality their clients are.  If you look at reviews of the most expensive services around the country as well as Denver matchmaking services, you will see many, many negative reviews.  So you should not judge a service by what they charge you.  Many are just greedy and want to make lots of money for doing nothing.
  2. If a service says they have lots of clients for me should I trust that?  MYTH,  NO, NO, NO.  A real matchmaking service has no idea how many clients fit for you until they interview you thoroughly.  To throw out arbitrary numbers over the phone is unprofessional and merely a sales tactic.
  3. If a service has been covered by the media that means it is a good service and you can trust what you see in the news story.  MYTH,  Again, if you look at reviews of some of those services you will see that clearly the reporter/writer did not do their due diligence before writing or reporting the story.  It is not wise to join a service or use any company JUST because they were covered by the media.
  4. If you make a major financial investment in a service then it should work for you.  MYTH,  A service cannot overcome, in many cases, your own personal issues/habits or force clients to meet each other.  If you work with a Professional Matchmaker who coaches you that should increase the odds of it succeeding.  It is just one of many options of how to meet like minded, appropriate people who have the same goal.
  5. All you have to do is join a service and you do not have to put any effort into it.  MYTH,  If you decide to make the financial investment you should also realize you have to invest psychologically.  If you are coached to update a look, write something to be more appealing, cooperate when sending in photos or whatever you should be prepared and willing to do so.  To just plop down some money and expect everything to take care of itself is not realistic and not the point of working with a Professional Matchmaker.
  6. If you join a Denver matchmaking or Denver dating service that does not show you profiles or photos, but selects FOR you because you have bought a package of so many dates for so many months you will be happy with that.  MYTH,  Most people who contact me have either looked at that structure or tried it or know someone who has and were very unhappy with the results.  Check out their reviews…  How can someone select FOR you after meeting you once briefly and not showing you any information?  What are you paying for?
  7. That because you are a “mature” man who is financially set you deserve to meet beautiful, YOUNG women since you are paying to use a Matchmaker.  MYTH,  I can’t speak for other services but my female clients are highly educated, financially stable/secure, attractive, extremely interesting individuals (even the younger ones) who are interested in meeting ONLY age appropriate men, especially if they are younger and looking to start a family.
  8. I’ve been asked by some singles if they will for sure meet someone.  TRUTH,  My response is that is primarily up to you.  If you turn down every profile you are shown and say no to every person who selects you, then NO, you will not meet anyone.  But you are in control of that, not I.  I can present clients who fit what you are looking for and are good matches but if you always say NO then I guess the answer is no.
  9. You specifically join a Denver matchmaking service that offers coaching so one would assume you are open and willing to accept suggestions and feedback.  TRUTH,  Why else would you join a service with coaching?  If you don’t listen to the suggestions and feedback, again you may not be as successful.  What other venue can give you feedback about what the other person is thinking?  Only working with a Professional Matchmaker.
  10. That reviews of matchmaking/dating services are a reflection of the service.  MYTH,  NOT ALWAYS TRUE.  As listed above the client has a lot to do with their own success.  Lots of people get mad because they are disappointed that a service didn’t solve all of their dating issues.  Sometimes those reviews are a reflection of the client not the service.  If you are narrow in your criteria and inflexible that is your prerogative, however that probably will reflect your success.
  11. The length of time in business is not a reflection of how successful a service is.  MYTH,  This is a very competitive field especially in Denver.  The longer a company (like any company) has been in business the more credibility it should have…of course you have to figure that in with many other factors.  But length of time in business is certainly one.  Bon Jour Matchmaking Service is celebrating 34 years of full-time Denver matchmaking success!
  12. Aren’t dating services and matchmaking services the same?  MYTH, a dating service sells packages of dates, with no information or photos and selects for you.  You buy a package for 6 months with 6 introductions.  They merely throw someone at you once a month disregarding your criteria and preferences to meet the contract…THAT’S A DATING SERVICE!  A genuine matchmaker gets to know you, shares profiles and pictures with you and guides you through YOUR selection process based on taste and common information presented in that profile.  A matchmaker should extend to every client an open-ended contract as well to give the right person for you the time to present themselves.

Published by Michele "the Matchmaker" Fields

I have been a professional Matchmaker for 34 years in Denver, CO. My service, Bon Jour Matchmaking Service, has facilitated 300+ marriages of 600+ Colorado Front Range singles through hand holding, personalized matchmaking. For more information go to

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