I received the e-mail below today.  After looking at their site it is clear it was a form letter and they didn’t even bother to read my website or they would not have solicited me.  If you are moving to Denver or anywhere for that matter, there is a thing called the Internet where you can look for local matchmakers, i.e., Google, Bing or Yahoo search (or wherever) Denver Matchmakers.  There is no need to pay two services when you can find it yourself!  This is not how I operate and you should ask LOTS of questions before handing money over to them:

 “My name is Emily Hellman and I am the founder, owner, and head matchmaker at Caliber Match. I’m really trying to get to know other matchmakers in the industry and wanted to introduce myself.

Caliber Match is a national matchmaking firm that also offers dating and relationship coaching. We’re headquartered in Arizona, but because I’m able to take on clients from anywhere in the US (and some regions of Canada), I’d like to connect with you. There are times that I have potential clients come to me because we’re national, but they really want that personal, face-to-face relationship with their matchmaker or coach. I’d love to be able to refer you potential clients that want that face-to-face relationship (assuming you take referrals). On the reverse, I’d love to be a reference point for you to refer potential clients that come to you that you’re not able to take on because of their location (or budget, goals, etc.). I pay a minimum of 20% for all referrals.

I’d also like to know if you’d be willing to work together on matches. I pay a referral fee for matches that fit my clients as well. I also have an amazing (free) singles’ member base with quality singles across the country, so if you’re ever looking for matches for your clients and you need another resource, let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll see if I have any potential matches for you!!

I know you’re busy, but if you have time I’d love to chat for even just 10-15 minutes. You can always reach me through my email or by leaving a message on my cell phone (406-XX2-XXXX).

Looking forward to hearing back from you, and have a wonderful day!!

Lots of Love,


This is the third solicitation I’ve received from out-of-state matchmaking services trying to get clients from me or with me or use my clientele this year.  I do not get a good feeling about these types of services.  They either say or imply they are discriminating with their matches but clearly they are not as they don’t know any of my clients or me.  Why would you pay two services when you can find a service yourself and only need one?

Just two days ago I received an email from a dentist in Oklahoma who used a “national matchmaking firm” who is trying to get his credit card company to stop payment on his $4,000 fee because this company (which is referred to in another Post in this Blog) misrepresented themselves and their clients to him.


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  1. I used Caliber Match’s services about 2 years ago and it was absolutely the worst experience customer service wise that I have ever had, business or personal. Emily Hellman is the owner and I can say she flat out lied to me to get me to sign a contract, but once under contract I called her out asking when things aren’t going the way she explained in my consultation meeting and she started to ignore me and only give partial answers to my questions. Basically she held me to the terms of the contract even though she didn’t follow the contract herself. My attorney told me on one hand, her lies are the only reason I signed the contract to begin with (I agree, hence why I went to him), but on the other hand, the contract is “proof” in her favor and judges like things in writing. So legal pursuit unfortunately, the risk outweighed the reward in trying to win in court for a refund. Good to see not just a customer, but another matchmaker turn her away. Since I am 100% comfortable calling her a lier, I will say she is a borderline scam artist, while doing it in a “legal” way (i.e. getting people to sign a contract).

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