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This is a response to Julie’s review on YELP.  I accepted this woman in good faith that she genuinely wanted to find a mate.  At the same time she had called a gentleman was coming in who (as far as I could tell before interviewing either of them) might fit just what she explained she was looking for.

She neglected to tell me in advance (which determines your fee and also let’s me decide whether to work with you) that she smokes and is planning on moving out of state back where she moved from.  So not knowing that I shared, with permission BEFORE ANYONE PAID ME ANYTHING, both sets of photos to see if at least on the surface they would be a match.  They were very attracted to each other but I cautioned that without interviews yet I didn’t know whether there was a deeper match.  Again, ALL OF THIS WAS BEFORE EITHER WAS A CLIENT OR HAD PAID ME ANY MONEY.

She came in first for her two hour interview looking totally different than the glammed up photos she had sent me.  In fact she looked like she fell directly out of bed!  This is the first and only time we meet face-to-face, is that appropriate???  Her explanation was that she was out until 2 a.m. partying.  Then she proceeded to instruct me to lie about the smoking and lie about her intentions to move back to L.A.  This is NOT the Internet, you can’t come in here and lie.  Then I encouraged her to write a Narrative (she had viewed at least 10 of them) and throughout the interview I made suggestions of what to include to round out her profile before Friday when this gentleman was coming in.  Never heard from her again!  Finally on Thursday I wrote and tried to again encourage her to get me the Narrative before he came in.  She sent me this half assed thing that didn’t begin to resemble what she had been shown or coached about.  It shouted that she had no real interest in this endeavor, just like her appearance at the interview and her lies on the profile.  Again, I reminded her of what was appealing in a Narrative and it just kept getting worse.  With all of that in mind I decided not to represent her.  Can you blame me?  Would you want to pay money to meet someone like this?  I refunded her $1,034 (she always states that incorrectly as to the amount she was refunded) even though there is not one Denver matchmaking service who would have refunded a dime READ THEIR REVIEWSRemember, I started working for her before she was even a client or had paid any money…So written on the back of the check was “Negotiation of this check constitutes payment in full”.  Julie whited that out so that she could have the money and then bash me online…would you want to meet her?  BTW…my contracts state NO REFUND OF FEES repeatedly and I still refunded her the bulk of her fee!

Even in her review and complaints she has gotten the name of the service incorrect and the amount recovered wrong.  She even complains with no accuracy or interest enough to get the info right…Yes, I am very careful who I represent so that my clients don’t have to deal with people like this.

In a 28 year career I am bound to come across deceptive and inappropriate people who are not a good match for my clients.  I would rather decline to work with them than expose my clientele to them.

P.S.  Come to find out (from the guy) she contacted him behind my back but once meeting her he wanted nothing to do with her.

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