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To be the most successful and the least disappointed in dating or matchmaking services it is wise to be realistic.  When joining a Denver dating service don’t expect the perfect person to already be in the service.  That may or may not be the case.  Just because you joined when you did doesn’t dictate that the right people will already be there waiting.  That is the biggest reason to join a matchmaking service that offers an open-ended contract (with no extra fee).  Timing is a major component in the success of clients so the longer the service allows you to be part of it, the more apt you are to meet the right person.

Remember that Denver Matchmakers are not magicians.  It is not Burger King.  You can’t expect to place your order and have the perfect person pop out.  Keep in mind what brought you to the decision to join.  You’ve probably tried meeting someone on your own, used the Internet, joined other services and/or clubs.  So why would you realistically expect things to happen immediately?  That may happen or it may not, but if you expect it to happen right away you may be setting yourself up for disappointment.

Granted I’ve had many clients who got “lucky” and met their mate right after they came in and got married.  Quite a few have, but there is no way for me to know whether that will happen for you.  I don’t know your taste, background, whether you are open-minded or have tons of specific criteria for your selections.  So when Denver singles ask me over the phone how successful they will be, there is honestly no way for me to know.  I really feel that services who make lots of promises when trying to sign you should be avoided.  There just is no definitive way to know how successful someone will be…it’s fate and timing but Bon Jour Matchmaking Service gives you the gift of time.

Denver Dating Services

There are Denver dating services & Denver matchmaking services.

There’s a difference!

Generally speaking dating services offer a specific number of dates in their package, a limited contract containing those dates, you do not have access to client profiles and you are subject to the taste and opinion of the dating service.  Often they disregard your preferences just to set you up, get through the contract and then sign you up for more.

Unlike matchmaking services which take you by the hand and go into an in-depth interview, show you profiles with lots of info and pictures and collaborate with you.   Matchmaking services should only set you up with the most appropriate matches, not every match.  It is up to you to select or reject profiles based on an abundance of information.

Not all dating services offer an open contract.  If they even have one, they charge a large fee for it.  Bon Jour Matchmaking Service offers all clients an open-ended contract at no extra fee.  Michele the Matchmaker’s philosophy is that timing is critical and you want to be in the service when the right person comes along.  There is no way of knowing when that will be, so you better be there when they do.  That is the most outstanding benefit of Bon Jour Matchmaking Service.



 How It All Began

In 1989 I was working as a legal secretary suffering with severe insomnia.  I found that working specific hours would tend to exacerbate this issue.  So one night I was watching a movie called “Crossing Delancy” where a very obnoxious, pushy matchmaker played a minor role.  I looked at her and thought, I could do a much better job and not be so pushy.  I’ve done this many times in the past for free quite successfully.  Thus a professional Matchmaker was born.  Well, a new Matchmaker was hatched, after 25 years in the business I AM a professional Matchmaker!  I have been lovingly known a Michele the Matchmaker since 1989.  Nothing like on-the-job training, it’s the best way to learn.  Some things cannot be taught in a book or in school.

My thinking was there is no downside to this venture.  Certainly everyone who gets married through my service will be happy and appreciative.  And perhaps I’ll meet my own mate, perhaps this is fate.  I’ve learned a lot over these many years!  Denver has an impressive singles community made up of intelligent, athletic, mature and open hearted residents.  More than most cities!

Some of the things I’ve learned through this career are being a better listener; that just because someone has advanced degrees doesn’t mean they are intelligent; that many people without degrees can still make lots of money; that the best looking people are not necessarily the easiest to match; that so many marriages end after the 20 and even 30 year marks.  But most important of all…that there are so many mature singles who, regardless of their losses or what they’ve been through, still have such an open heart and positive outlook on love.

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